We live in a world where we have the option of sharing our lives with everyone or just be the private person we were taught to be when internet was yet to be discovered.

I am a sharer and I post so many pictures of my daughter on social media and aspects of my life that I feel might help someone going through the same situation. I post about my struggles with anxiety, about my loss and my failures as a mother but I also post my victories, my daughter’s amazing development, her achievements and those incredible #proudmama moments, about my journey learning to accept my post natal self, about how I discovered a healthier lifestyle and my workouts. I am reviewing products I consider worthy and books I read. All these things help me keep my sanity and are meant to help others as well.

This is my life and I love sharing all these experiences with other mums out there. It makes me so happy when I get feedbacks about how one or another of my posts helped someone get over certain insecurities or just when they tell me they read my blog and they identify themselves with all my struggles and it’s so comforting when they realise they are not the only ones thinking or feeling in a certain way.

I choose to share and see the positive side of it

I have been recently asked if I am not worried about my daughter’s pictures being out there for everyone to see; if I am not scared about someone obsessing over her or me and stalking us; about child pornography, about some weirdo kidnapping my child or God knows what.

I have also told I am not careful enough and aware of all dangers out there.

You know what? I chose to believe in the world I create for myself and my family. I refuse to become paranoid and look over my shoulder every step I take and I refuse to raise my daughter this way.

She is a very sociable child and a happy one as a matter of fact. She is not afraid of people and she is not afraid to speak up and stand up for herself and the ones she loves. I am raising her to still see the beauty of life, to appreciate the kindness and goodness in people, to smile and say hello to others and not to be afraid of a person with different hair and walking a scruffy dog in a park.

Don’t get me wrong. I am aware of bad things happening everywhere in the world. I read the news and I am sensitive to it all.

Am I scared? Hell, YES! I think about lots of things, I want to keep my daughter in a protective bubble for the rest of her life but I choose not to show her this. I choose not to live in fear and raise her just in the same way.

My anxiety is spiralling every time I read about the slightest thing that happened to a child and I cannot sleep at night because of it. I can’t close my eyes because I am afraid of all those images popping out in my head scaring the shit out of me. I am afraid of my own thoughts and where they can take me.

But you tell me. Is there a good in showing my child this side of me? Shall I tell her mummy is losing her mind because something bad happened in the world? Shall I tell her that so many times I am putting myself in someone else’s shoes and it hurts so much I cry myself to sleep because some mother is in pain for whatever happened to her kid?


I choose the world I want to live in and if I want to just hide the bad for a while than let me be and don’t judge me.

I am who I am and I will never ever do anything to harm my child or put her in any danger. I love posting her pictures on social media not for attention but because they complete the story I am writing.

Do you ever think of all these? Have you ever been asked about why you post your child’s pictures?

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