We moved to a new area mid November so the weather outside didn’t help me with discovering the local parks and attractions. The only places I knew for four months were the High Street with stores and Shopping Center as well as Sainsbury’s. So basically I was spending money every day I would go out. Not because I had to buy things I most definitely need. No, but because it was all there and passing by you notice different offers on things and you remember all crap you had once and liked but never actually needed.

Needless to say that when the sun came out I started to look for places I can take Ruby. It is such an amazing feeling to get out the house with the little one. Staying indoors got to me and I was beginning to get quite depressed. She is moving around a lot and not being able to get my eyes off her for a minute is an exhausting job. But going out improves so many skills for her, develops her senses and makes her more sociable. Plus, moving in the park is so much better than indoors.

I found a small play area only few minutes away from where we live. I was so excited about it and first time I got there I felt the freedom of the sun, I felt so happy seeing Ruby enjoying other kids and going in the swing.

But there is a down side to all this as well.

Nothing is perfect and I felt it

It was so obvious that I couldn’t miss it. All these small play areas are a bit like mommy mafia ran by the local women who know each other since forever but they are not friends outside the gates. They know what your name is, all about your husband although they never met him, all your baby’s ups and downs and they judge each other with such cruelty. But still, they are running the playground and when an outsider steps foot on their property they stick together.

If looks could kill I would have been dead by now

I felt their eyes on me studying my outfit, my figure, my make up and from there went to my baby and the stroller. Every aspect is a subject and I was the center of attention in there. Not in a good way this time though.

I tried to play with Ruby and walk around with her pretending not to notice their dumb as fuck faces. I tried to enjoy the time out with my baby pretending not to hear their comments and remarks. I mean if I would have gotten involved in this God knows what the result would have been. Stupid women. What the hell is wrong with moms today? I am not planning on having friends around here but this attitude I felt was too much. The playground mommy clan was on to me.

I am pretty sociable person so saying hello and having a random conversation with strangers (moms) is not something out of the ordinary for me. Pushing your baby in the swing next to another parent calls for a weather conversation or one about the age and development of your precious little one. Not with these specimens though. I studied my outfit and theirs checking if I am not over or under dressed, if my clothes seemed poor or something but I could’t find anything that would make them so disgusted. I guess it’s just something that runs in there genes. Or who knows. I still haven’t been able to figure out what the deal was.


I was an outsider on their territory and this made everything awkward

Yes, I am new in the neighbourhood but this doesn’t give anyone the excuse of acting like a bitch.

I can say this wasn’t the first playground I experienced hostility in. These little places bring the worst in moms and drives me insane. Feels like they have this power over the surrounding area and like being bossy. Maybe they are the proper submissive ones at home and when they go out they feel the need to let go of all frustrations but I can only say one things: God, women! Breath. You did not build this place and it belongs to everyone. From the area or not. All of us mommies want a bit of nice time in  a park so how about you leave your stupidity at the gate and come in free of judgement and mean comments towards one another. I will come to the playground whether you like it or not and I ill spend time there every day as long as the weather allows it. I will not stop having fun with my baby in the swing, on the slide or just on the grass. Everywhere she likes it I will be regardless of your shitty presence.


8 thoughts on “The playground mommy clan

  1. Ohoo so sorry to hear about all the carp you have to go through. I haven’t been through the same but I completely understand what you mean. Keep going to the park ignoring them and hope they will get the message. Big hug.

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