Couple of months ago I wrote a post about how to keep your toddler entertained and I only referred to toys and not necessary proper activities.

As UK is dealing with a massive heatwave I thought about writing a new post and presenting you all things we do to keep a toddler entertained in summer time. How I deal with the heat and how I manage o find energy to face the burning sun and have a happy little munchkin – tantrum free.

I know, a toddler without throwing a tantrum is no toddler at all. And of course Ruby has hers from time to time but to be honest they are mild and manageable. Nothing to actually make me want to pull my hair out and scream in frustration. She only screams because she can’t put on two pairs of trousers in the same time, because her Lego Batman refused to drink his milk (I know…crazy, huh?) or because her baby Moana doll did not wee so we can change her nappy (even better – sigh)

Overall I am happy to say I have an easily entertained toddler. She is still crazy with books as as the sun is out we tried to find more outdoor activities and as she is growing up, I tried to make the effort and find some activities involving other kids as well (you all know I avoid these things as I hate small talk over who’s child is the cutest or who’s naughtiest, which one sleeps through the night and which one says more words as parenting is all about competition).

As Ruby turned two I could start looking for dance classes and gymnastics. We registered to Tappy Toes in Watford and she loves every minute of it. She is interacting with other kids and she loves dancing and being centre of attention (we postponed gymnastics as it’s ed of term so we have to register from september)




We are lucky to have amazing parks in the area, full of activities for toddlers. While the sun is shining we can always run to the paddling pools in Cassiobury Park. It’s always a fun activity and cools off Ruby when our house gets too hot and sticky. I love watching her splash around, laughing and playing with other kids. And she looks so adorable in her cute unicorns and rainbows H&M bathing suit. I can always bring her here in the morning and I have a guaranteed two hours nap after (much wanted mum peace and quiet).




After splashing around or running at the playground she gets a small treat in the form of an ice cream. Be it the blue bubble gum flavour from Creams or just a delicious twirl ice lolly. She loves it and I know that this way I always avoid a tantrum when it’s time to get back home from the paddling pools. I love the way she smiles and licks the ice cream with such joy.




As an indoor activity late in the afternoon when the sun is unbearable we always come back to Lego. A fun and educational activity that never fails in our home. Ruby loves playing with blocks, making different shapes out of them and pretending it’s all real. It is a wonderful way to spend precious moments with your child and also develop their imagination. Since these pictures were taken we managed to get another Lego set. This time the very girlie one – we bought the Beauty and the Beast set and helps so much with playing pretend. Needless to say that I am now pretend drinking so much tea day and night.




Everybody knows I am trying to avoid screen time as much as possible, getting Ruby involved in my daily activities rather than allowing her to watch TV or use phones and tablets.Β  We hoover together, we fold laundry and dust around together and it’s all such a fun way to teach her how to be clean and tidy. However there are moments when I do need to use my phone and she is curious about it. And when we get bored of all activities we are using a phone. Not to watch anything in particular but to full around with Snapchat filters. Ruby loves it and always makes her laugh.



What do you do on these hot summer days with your little ones?

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