It’s a Monday so I thought let’s roll and post on the blog as well. I woke up so dizzy and not quite myself but having a two year old on my hands doesn’t quite go with being sick or having a day off. I took a long breath, felt like fainting, had a glass of water and set my mind to “you better up your game mummy”.

Milk and coffee are our “me time” moment first thing in the morning so today was no different. Ruby with her straw cup trying to wake up and me with my Jungle Book coffee mug making efforts to survive the day. She got preferences now so I have to ask her what she wants to watch while we do this. Shocker: she wants Moana. I swear to God I have watched it so many times I lost count but hey, keeps the toddler busy while I shove some caffeine down my throat so no arguments here.

I got her down for a nap earlier thinking I can take her out in the afternoon and get her tired for the night sleep. So here I am, just trying to get my laptop out and start writing something. Well, no need to say that taking the laptop from the bedroom and bring it to the living room turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Obviously I stopped on the way to hoover the house, than I realised I got two days of work ahead so I better try and do some laundry as well, and yes, I changed the bedsheets and than I realised I want to make some changes in the bedroom. After all these I stopped and finally put my laptop to charge and sat on the sofa. Something is not quite right. Oh yeah, I still feel tired and I got a headache. I better make myself a coffee: black, two sugars. Crap, it’s 12:15 and I had no food whatsoever. Found a pack of cheesy crackers. They’ll do for now. They go well with the coffee so why not.

Damn, I didn’t water my plants. Better do it now before Ruby wakes up. She’ll want to help and we know where that leads us: water all over the carpet, a mini tantrum over her wanting to move the pots and me not letting her do it or another tantrum about her wanting to take out the soil (yeah, she is not eating it anymore) and again, me, as a bad mummy, not letting her do it. Better avoid this so lets water the poor plants so I can keep them alive.

I shove another cracker in my mouth and on my way I see tiny prints on the TV screen. Hmmm, I wonder who they belong to (?!). Oh, yeah, the little two year old monster in my house. Obviously I cannot start writing. Need to clean the screen first asΒ  I swear I won’t be able to concentrate on anything. Better clean my laptop screen as well. I haven’t done it in a while.

Shit, there are way too many toys spread across the living room. It’ll only take me about two minutes to throw them in the toy basket. Nice and tidy now. All I need is to start writing. Damn it. I don’t know what to write about. Didn’t even think about that. I need a pain killer for my stupid headache. Just made coffee. They don’t go well together. What the hell. I’ll be fine. Can’t hurt more than it does already.

OK. Nurofen should kick in soon. I’ll just take the rubbish out quickly. Another two minutes to get downstairs and come back. I mean, can’t stand it in the house. Ruby is not potty trained yet and we all know the horrible smell coming out of such a tiny creature. And yes, she is set on pooping her pants only and only after I took the rubbish out and freshened the air around. Cause why not.

I’m back. Yeah, I forgot. Just dusted around cause I haven’t done it in three days and looks annoying. And while doing it I took some chicken breast out the freezer cause dinner needs to be sorted and I thought I should clean the bathroom while I am at it. Can’t stand water marks on the sink and those tiny strands of dust around the bathtub and of course the cabinet mirror needed a wipe. And I sorted the laundry basket. I already had two loads of washing done. If a get myself to do another two I swear I’ll be done. My basket will be empty again for about five minutes. I should do that. Yeah. That’s my goal today. And sort out some sort of lunch for my fussy princess when she wakes up.

I hope the damn rain will stop. Need to go out and get some milk and some bits and bobs for the week. Pfffff. A heavy sigh. #mumlife

My brain is spinning, my second coffee almost done. I finished the crackers and yes, she is up. I can hear her babbling away with her toys but I better finish this post before I go get her. Otherwise I might as well publish it next week. Because I am a mum blogger with no time to blog. #mumlife

But yeah. This has been an inside into my life. Time frame: 8:00 am to 1:00pm. And the day is not over. Not by far.

Heavy sigh … #mumlife

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