I hope this is not too late. About five days ago I received an email as I always do from Jotish JosephΒ I follow his blog for a while now and I always read his posts as they are so real, so honest and through his writing he raises some pretty good questions about reality and life. This time it wasn’t one of his regular posts. He was writing about a recognition award and the blogs he nominated. Among them I found my blog as well. I am so delighted. The fact that I got recognised by someone who’s one of my favourite people out there. I had such a shitty week with me being proper ill and little one just the same and teething as well. Getting this award and nomination meant so much to me. I want to thankΒ  Jotish JosephΒ from the bottom of my heart. Having people like you reading my blog and nominating me keeps me going and gives me the desire to write and get better at it.

Now, I need to make my nominations and give you the rules. So here they follow:


1.You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.
3.Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
4.share 7 facts about yourself.

7 facts about myself!


  1. I am a happy mother to the most amazing child out there (I know all mums think the same)
  2. I love writing
  3. I am an optimist
  4. I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy
  5. I tend to bitch and moan about things but in fact I love my life
  6. Big coffee drinker
  7. Obsessed with the smell of new books

And now the nominees are


  1. The Mini Moore Diaries
  2. Mummy and Jack
  3. Two boys one mum
  4. The Lonely Author
  5. Baby biscuits and booze
  6. Miriams Duvet Days
  7. Nepaliaustralian
  8. Solsbury Hill
  9. Backs n Bumps
  10. Rarasaur

These are my nominations and all these people are so unique and talented. I alwaysΒ look forward for their posts.

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