Officially it’s been a month since I haven’t been at work. Most of it by choice and some due to hand foot and mouth caught by Ruby in Nursery ( thanks for that ).
In a way a miss it and in a way I can only shout “hurray”. I am at home and getting paid (at least for the holiday anyway). On top of it I could enjoy some days off. Apart from the hand foot and mouth week when me and Ruby spent seven days indoors trying not to go crazy, I had other three when munchkin was dropped off to Nursery for the day which meant I got to come home and spend few good hours on the sofa trying to relax my brain and muscles. My arms are in pain as I have to hold the little one to bounce up and down on daily basis; my back is almost dead probably from the same activity or from carrying a child and a stroller up and down the stairs few times a day and my brain need a switch , an on and off button to keep my sanity. On and off from motherhood and on and off from not doing anything, on and off from overthinking the littlest things and same from desperately trying to find my inspiration and finish my book, the one I started a million years ago.

This was plan A

Drop Ruby to Nursery, come home, clean the house thoroughly, do the laundry so I can see the bottom of the basket for more than five minutes, sort out all my drawers and Ruby’s as well; have my house smell of lavender and fresh flower and my windows so clean you wouldn’t even say they are there.

This was plan B

Go out, meet all my friends I haven’t seen in a million years, catch up on all gossip, maybe go to the movies or theatre, go to the shopping centre and avoid the play area, have a free make up session just because I can, have my nails done (that I actually managed to do);


update my brain in what is virtual Facebook parties, organising all sorts of online things that will help grow my page and bring followers and customers (this will come in another post); plus do the things I used to do when home alone, things like dance in my underwear, have a bath in the middle of the day, play my favourite 80’s music so loud my neighbours will knock on my door and do some exercises imagining I look like one of those aerobics fanatics you used to see on VHS tapes also in the 80’s.

And this was plan C

I also had a plan D and that included all of the above. One week for each.
Now, let’s see who can guess what I actually did. 🤔 Anybody? Nobody? Hmm… ok. Fine. I’ll tell you.
I ended up having a Sex and the City marathon.
It started with a cup of coffee and a pain in my finger from pressing all those remote buttons in a failed attempt to find something decent on TV.
While toning up my right hand pointer there it was. My option on Now TV: Top boxsets. I flicked through and I just seen that face I used to love so much. Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. I remembered following all episodes religiously, waiting for her big love, becoming a famous writer and columnist (yeah, what I always wanted), falling in love with her outfits and shoes. Such an amazing feeling and a proper source of inspiration for my single girl blog (don’t try and find it as I deleted it like an idiot).

Ahhh, the memories. Friends coming and going from my life but Sex and the City always being there for me.

Yes, I abandoned all plans immediately. I sat on the sofa sipping my coffee and enjoying that marathon. It was meant to be an episode or two, random ones as I know them all anyways and it turned into an entire day and the next one as well and so on every time Ruby was in Nursery. And here I am now watching season six last episode feeling like an addict in rehab. Series finished and I will have to face reality and go back to work 🙄 but with a fresh mind and a different type of inspiration, a more mature one comparing to a hundred years ago when I was very single and without any perspective of having a child. And it feels so good

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