I officially live with a three year old going on thirteen. The things she comes up with, the attitude, the NO followed by the stamp of her foot, the I WANT when it comes to just about any toy she sees in stores, the I DON’T WANT IT when it comes to food – God give me strength! I need all the yoga in the world, all the breathing techniques to help me not scream and I need all the coffee in the world to help me cope with this sassy little missy.

Last thing she came up with sounded like this: “Mummy, I’ll put you in two to three until you listen” – being in pre school room in her nursery they are told to behave like big children or otherwise they will be sent to the two to three room where there are little ones and she hates that room. For her that is the supreme punishment. As funny as it sounds when she says it, I discovered it’s her weak spot and so every time she doesn’t listen to me I just tell her I’ll put her in two to three until she listens and there you go. JOB DONE. My child will actually listen to me.

I am not one to apply discipline and I strongly believe that talking with reason and calmly can solve just about anything. But you see, sometimes all this love is misunderstood by a child and he/she might think can get away with anything and behave like a little shit. As I never raised my voice on her before, the first time I done it she laughed like crazy thinking we are playing a new game. She was about 18 months and I was sleep deprived and both of us had a terrible cold. She was sleeping in my arms and around 3am she woke up and all she wanted was play time. I was supposed to go for work the following morning and I lost it. I grabbed her shoulders and said in a raised voice: “Just sleep” – it was the best joke ever for my child and I smiled at her and started crying in defeat.

Fast forward to present times, this past holiday she was way too spoilt so her attitude became a bit frustrating with all the WANT WANT WANT. As we came back I have tried to be very calm but also explain to her that is not ok to act as she does, that she cannot have absolutely everything she wants and that she is very naughty and that upsets me.


Zero… I lost my patience and got her in the naughty corner (we never had one before) – it didn’t work. She was laughing continuously or she was making cute faces at me knowing it will melt my heart (and it did) so I would smile and again lose a battle in front of her.

It’s been about a week since we came back and it feels like she is slowly going to her old ways listening to me more and more but she is so damn hyper and I got no clue what to do.

She never worked on threats or yellings. She never reacted to bribery either or promises of toys or whatever you can think of. She was good with listening and games and having fun learning and please tell me this is just a phase and she’ll be turning to the way she was before.

What do you do? How do you win in front of your child?

What is your method? Do you punish them or sit down and talk?

I would love to know your opinions on this and maybe grab some small advice. I am losing most battles here because she is so damn cute and she makes me smile and she takes all my sorrow away and knows how to play me so she can get what she wants.

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