There it went. My very first Mother’s Day. The weekend brought me so many tears of joy. I cannot believe that a year ago I was so pregnant. I remember I was in that stage when I was hating myself for being so big and had no patience at all. I wanted the baby to come out.
This time last year I was waiting to meet my little girl and I was talking to her all day long, telling her all I do and asking her nicely to come to this world quicker as my arms were craving for her. Now, I got my first Mother’s Day card from nursery and I got my presents at home on Sunday. God, how time flies. Unbelievable. I think of my old shitty place with a bit of nostalgia. That is where I took her home from hospital and where she first laughed and giggled. It was such a small and crap flat but the memories there are precious.
Now, all is changed. We are much happier and we love our apartment. I started work again, Ruby’s going to nursery and she is almost walking now. I think she’ll walk and talk before having teeth anyway.
Wednesday I opened her nursery bag to check for clothes and her little notebook where I find all she done through the day. But instead of it I found two little hands on a folded piece of paper. I had tears in my eyes and the moment I opened it I was already sobbing. A little poem and her cheeky little face we’re wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. The pride I had in that moment cannot be described in words. It was such an amazing, unique feeling that made my heart beat so fast I thought it would run from its place.

Image-1 (1)
I keep staring at that little card and I smile every time. Nothing is more beautiful than this.
I have all I want in life and she is the most important. I would never ever love anyone the way I love her. And my patience will never ran out. I will fight and give all I have to know she will have everything she wants.
The weekend came and I went to order my new glasses (getting old). We spent quite a while outside and it was beautiful. The sun was shining and the magnolia flowers are finally getting in bloom.
On Sunday I received my present for Mother’s Day. I thought the nursery card was all I was getting but it seems like I was in for a treat. My mummy card and my piglet mug were waiting for me to be unwrapped. My best mum badge attached to the card was inviting me to wear it. And again I cried tears of joy.

But the best was yet to come. A canvas with Ruby moments was part of my present as well. I felt so loved and so lucky. Nothing can take this away from me. This feeling is forever.
I heard I am the best mum out there and it made me so happy as I doubt myself every single day of my life and I am scared of not screwing up. I heard how much I am loved and appreciated and this is something that I needed so badly.
Now I look at my presents, I look at my baby and I think for me it’s Mother’s day every day. I am blessed and for the first time in a long time the sun is proper shinning.  I seen the magnolias and this is my sign.


Spring is here, birds are singing, sun is burning my face, parks are full and life gets new meaning. It’s the time when hopes are coming back to life and I am getting my old self back.


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