My arms are her bed frames, my belly is her mattress and my shoulders her pillow. This is how my daughter sees me whenever she is poor (cause of nursery and never ending teething process this is pretty much every night). Now as she is getting bigger she can’t get comfortable while I hold her so she gets fidgety and restless. Before I could doze off but now it is absolutely impossible. After what seems like eternity when it comes to the last time I had a good night sleep, I started functioning based on the quantity of coffee I take on daily basis.

But there are things that keep me going, there are those little things that make me burst with energy and smile, they give me hope and help me boost my confidence. The other day I received an email from one of my first blog followers. He nominated me for Sunshine Blogger Award. Wow. I never won anything in my life and I am not getting my hopes up but being nominated by one of the people you admire so much means the world. Being recognized by Solsbury Hill is an honor. He is one of the bloggers I follow and I read all his posts with pleasure. So interesting, so captivating and so close to our hearts.
I feel like we know each other and we are becoming friends through our comments on every post. Such an amazing feeling it is. Like I am not alone and my words have a meaning.
I am not going to get more sentimental than this so let’s get down to business. I have to present my own nominations and lay out the rules. So here it is:


Acknowledge the person who nominated you.
Link to their site.
Answer the questions.
Create your own questions.
Nominate others and notify them of the nomination.

Here are my answers:

1.Whatโ€™s your favourite film genre (drama, thriller, comedy, sci-fi, horror, adventure, documentary, etc.)?

I always enjoy a good comedy but have to admit I love psychological movies

2. Favourite sport to watch in the Olympics?

Figure skating all day

3.If you had to leave your country of residence, where would you move to?

Already done it and chose UK (starting to doubt my choice now thinking of Brexit)

4.If you could meet any one person (currently alive), who would it be?

Barack Obama

5.What type of car would you drive, if money was no option?

Toyota Land Cruiser (new one)

6.If you could travel back in time andย leave yourย younger self a note, 10 words or less, what would it say?

Stop doubting yourself and learn to say no

7.What one famous person (celebrity or otherwise) do you despise, and why?

Steven Seagal. He just annoys the crap out of me. I always hated his movies

8.Who is your favourite Bond?

Sean Connery all day

9.What is your favourite day of the year?


10.Did you ever dance like no one was watching?

Oh yeah. I miss it to be honest.

To go further I am nominating:





Here are my questions for you:

1. What is your favourite quote?

2. Ultimate holiday destination?

3. What is the food you can’t leave without?

4. What is your dream job?ย 

5. You rather live in a busy city or quiet suburb?

6. What is your favourite movie/book character?

7. What is more romantic: a trip to Disneyland or dinner by candlelight in a fancy restaurant?

8. Do you believe in love at first sight or lust?ย 

9. Wine or spirits?

10. Of you could be an animal, what would that be?

PS: I have to say that participation is purely optional.ย 


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