I was born in a communist country where oral hygiene happened because you ate apples straight from the tree and everything was fresh. Than you had as far as I remember just about a very popular toothpaste that would suggest the era you live in: yeah, it had a hammer on it. This was up to when I was nine and from there on when freedom and democracy- both completely wrong understood – came and we started getting informed on products and their use. But this doesn’t matter now. I remember I grew up mostly with my grandparents and since I started knowing things I had teeth problems. I never knew how to solve them as they were always there even if my mum and dad would send me to the dentist on regular basis. It wasn’t long until I got a proper fear of these doctors and considered them useless.

Time passed and here I am, a mother to my lovely ten months old little munchkin. I raised her as best as I could and seeing her happy makes me think I’m not doing a bad job at all (yaaaiii me).

Every stage of her life comes with different challenges and if we passed the sleepless nights due to feeding, we got to those of trying the establish a routine. And we managed to sleep through the night (most of the time). But this doesn’t last long as we are in the teething stage and sleep is not something we enjoy as much as we used to.

Ruby has no teeth yet so the past three weeks have been a bit of a nightmare with lots of crying moments and rocking chair sleeps. I bitched and moaned about it and I still do but I guess all parents go through this and they all hope for the best while their eyes are closing and they forget to wait for the green light at the zebra cross, being awaken by the sound of a horn accompanied by a scared driver who almost killed them.
I wrote about this before and tweeted at any given hour. I went to work dead tired only to come back even worse. While tweeting I got a message from Brush Baby. They told me about their teething products. Coincidence or not, earlier that day I was recommended their teething tooth paste in Boots and over the phone by our health visitor. This is how we got to know each other. I was sent a chewable toothbrush and teething wipes as well as an over ten months set containing my first tooth brush and an advanced chewable toothbrush.


I can say we only didn’t try the toothbrush as we have no teeth yet but the rest are magic. Ruby loves chewing them all day long as they calm her painful itchy gums. Plus I always put a small amount of toothpaste on the brush in the morning so this way she cleans her mouth by herself.

They are easy to clean as well and the design was specially made to attract babies

The first step teether looks more like a little flower and it was designed so that the child can’t choke while chewing. If you are one of the mums who go crazy and panic over everything (I can find myself in this category as well) than I can assure you you will be happy seeing your child cleaning his/her gums without the fear of them hurting themselves.

With Ruby we got to the stage when she gets her little brush to nursery as well and uses it instead of the dummy (advantage me as I want her to get off the dummy soon). Her key person from nursery informed me that my little girl calmed down as soon as she had the brush in her hand. It was like magic. You all know what teething babies looks like and what a nightmare they are. The snotty nose, cough, temperature, red cheeks, clingy and crying at all times. Not a pretty site I would say. Obviously the brush or the teething wipes and toothpaste didn’t help us with the cold symptoms or temperature but they are still helping with the rest of issues and I would say it’s a pretty big thing.

And now Ruby has her first toothbrush to start using when she will eventually get her tiny teeth. I am using the wipes as often as I can and I am trying to make sure that her oral hygiene is at the highest level so when she grows up she will not have any problems like I did.


I am convinced and will stick with BrushBaby for the future as well. I recommended it to my friend in Austria as well as her son is only a moth younger than my little one. He is advanced now as he already got three little teeth that his mommy needs to  take care of.

I was happy to find the products in Boots on the baby section and happy to say that the price is not high at all. They are affordable and specially designed for all baby stages. From 0-16 months you can find the dental wipes that help you clean your baby’s gums and teeth on daily basis plus on the same category the First brush and teether set. The teether massages the gums while the long handled brush reaches the first tiny teeth.

The second stage goes for teething and brushing with the teething toothpaste (apple flavoured) and the chewable toothbrush and going forward the BabySonic electric toothbrush and toothpaste and the third stage for brushing and flossing with the original design of the toothbrushes and attractive toothpaste tubs. It does make everything more fun I would say.

Try the BrushBaby products and convince yourselves about their quality. You can find them on the website if you don’t see them in stores. Go on: www.brushbaby.co.uk and check them out.

The founder was inspired by her daughter who chewed on her toothbrush and didn’t have much fun during the brush times. One story every mother can relate to. Only this one had help and managed to develop the products we all need now.

7 thoughts on “How BrushBaby saved me from insanity – product review

  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling with teething, but glad you found some relief!! My LO has a 8 teeth now, she seems to be bothered more and more by every new tooth unfortunately, right now her first molars are bothering her as they try to come through -.- She loves chewing on her toothbrush too, though hers is just a plain old bristle brush. I made her frozen yogurt bites to sooth her gums when things get bad! I take them out of the freezer 5-10 minutes before I feed them to her, so they are mostly soft, but still very cold. It has worked wonders for her!

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  2. Thank you so much for the advice. Hope your little one is good and happy. Teething is hard. We discovered the chewable brush from BrushBaby and it works. I think she is eating more teeth in the same time. 🙁 I am waiting for this period to go away. I think we all do

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  3. I hope it will be over soon. Hate sleeping with her in my arms on the sofa or in a chair. And the crying 😭. The products are good and they look attractive for the little ones as well


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