Just about a month ago when the weather was still beautiful and I was desperate for any outdoor activity for my toddler I ditched the park and went on an adventure to the farm yard. I imagined my baby petting the animals and being so excited but instead I got one piece of a child scared of everything possible, holding on to me and refusing to walk or do anything as a matter of fact.
One mum failure to add to the many so far but I was determined to do something about it. She has to get used to the animals and love them just like she loves dogs. Even half of that love and will still do.
Just as it happens, one day after the incredible adventure we had, I was looking for some new books for Ruby. Through the pile of Peppa Pig I found this very colourful, attractive book called Busy Farm. You can all imagine I stopped looking for anything else. Got it and off we go to have some nice reading time at home.

FullSizeRender (12)

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I can tell you, life at the farm is very exciting and full of wonderful things. Animals are running around and the poor farmer has to take care of them, work the land and keep it all in place.
So get your little ones to help out as well and enjoy their laughter while they push, pull, turn and slide images to get the busy farm to life.

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This is an interactive book that teaches your precious, eager to learn toddler all about different animals, their activity, how to help the farmer bale the hay and get the fluffy sheep to sleep.

With wonderful illustrations and rhyming texts, this is the perfect toddler book.
It is part of the Busy Book series along with Busy Playtime, Busy Fire Station, Busy Baking, Busy Beach and so much more.
You can get them in WhSmiths and also on Amazon

PS: we went back to the farm and guess what. My little Ruby loves the chickens and ducks and the little lamb.


9 thoughts on “BUSY FARM – how to teach your little one love animals (book review)

  1. This is a great post and I agree teaching kids to love animals is a great thing and these types of books can do this. We loved reading animal themed books when Sylvia was small. Thanks for linking to #KLTR

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