Another year has gone and it feels like yesterday I was looking forward for 2017, making resolutions and hoping for the best.
Now I am in the same place only 365 days older.
My daughter is growing so fast and she is nearly there with talking. It’s just a matter of time I guess until the day she will start and never shut up. She is just babbling and pointing at things now. She is my happy toddler. Smiling first thing in the morning and all day until bedtime.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s not perfect. She is getting close to the terrible twos and I can see it. Her moments of frustration show and her mini tantrums are obvious. As in we got a massive drama because there is no more peas in the food, we refuse to walk because we stepped on a twig and got scared, trying to do splits and fall on the floor, bum first just because something doesn’t go the way she wants to or, set up a wail for the simple reason that she is not allowed to eat soil or stones.


I am trying to keep calm and carry on, making huge efforts not to lose it. But she knows it. Every time I am close to going mad she decides on giving me a massive smile or a cuddle and all is calm again.


This year we done lots of things and embraced all milestones. We had sleepless nights, drama (no more peas in the food type of drama), way too early mornings but we had also laughter and joy, we traveled to finally see my family and we managed to have a good Year all together. Ruby developed a pure obsession with dogs but it’s adorable. All of them are called Booboo, after my friend’s pet.


She cuddles and kisses all her soft toys. And she managed to get really close to my dads dog, feeding him all snacks in the world, trying to give him water out of a glass and pulling his tale while he was asleep. They became close friends instantly and every time she sees him on Skype now she grabs the IPad and kisses the screen. It’s so sweet it melts my heart.

I think she wants a dog πŸ˜‹ #justsaying

This year I went back to work after nine months of maternity. I put ruby into nursery and although I was afraid of her not being able to cope as she was too small, I can say now that that was the best thing I’ve done. Nursery days are joy now and she is learning so many things.


As for me, this year I learned that with patience and love everything can be solved, I learned that all those sleepless nights and all the struggles pay off in perfect cuddles, kisses and smiles and most beautifully said word: mamma.
I met some new extraordinary people, I wrote beautiful book reviews, learned parenting on the go, lost some weight and smiled a lot.


So bring it on 2018!
Be amazing, bring me lots of love, patience, peace, adventures and some extra money if you can.

PS: Oh, and please, help me with potty training. I am scared 😳

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