My daughter would eat anything sweet and she learned now that in nursery if she refuses lunch she can ask for seconds on desert. Smart little monkey, isn’t it?

Well, tough luck. The ladies clocked on to this and now explained to her that she can’t have more dessert with no food. She promised to eat so let’s see how that goes.

At home she is even fussier with me as I made the mistake of always offering alternatives when she was refusing to eat. (beginners mistake here).

What I noticed is that she is always in the mood for pancakes so I decided to get my mummy sleeves up and make some proper filling pancakes for any yummy breakfast. They are easy to make, fast and most definitely will keep your child’s tummy full until lunch time.

In a metal bowl pour some flower (i do it without measuring but I will say around 4-5 spoon fulls), add milk and a tiny drop of vanilla essence or any of your liking (optional). Mix the ingredients and add two eggs. The composition has to be consistent enough but not too thick (add more milk or flower if needed).

Heat up a pan and spray with oil so the pancake won’t stick.

sometimes I let her eat on the sofa because I really don’t care where she eats as long as she does eat

The pancake you make is filling because of the eggs and milk. Once ready you can use any fruit jam (we love strawberry), chocolate spread, peanut butter or simply just make baby’s chocolate by mixing carob powder with banana and avocado (this being the healthier option).

When we use the chocolate spread I make sure I add banana slices, strawberry or blueberries. And, if your little one likes Philadelphia cheese you can use that but make sure you don’t add the vanilla essence in the composition.



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