My little one is sleeping and after I managed to tidy up some parts of the house I decided on writing a post. I look around the living room as it’s such a crazy mess. Toys thrown everywhere around and I feel like my hands are itchy. Itchy as in I really need to put all these back where they belong and after all this is done I can write. But you know something? Not going to do it. If I will I am sure she’ll wake up right when I start this post and I will get so annoyed. So better get down to writing and ignore the blocks, books and puzzles. They’re not going anywhere.


I swear I started counting all there was and panicked thinking that it all looks more like a trip outside the the country for at least a week and not a day out somewhere near the house

I’ve read an article this morning regarding how you go out with a one year old.Β  How you get ready, how the baby is ready for a trip down the pub or restaurant, what you should get and what not and of course how to lower your expectations when it comes to being out in a public place with a little devil attached to you – crawling around youΒ  more like it. I swear I started counting all there was and panicked thinking that it all looks more like a trip outside the the country for at least a week and not a day out (few hours) somewhere near your house. I thought about how many times I went out with my little girl and how unprepared I was – according to the article in question of course.
Makes you feel like a bad mom, like one who’s not in control and down to earth. Like you don’t know much about motherhood or your child needs. And I think it’s all lots of crap. My chipmunk likes her dummy so when we go out I always have to make sure we have at least two with us. I discovered the little clips now so she can’t throw them out the stroller anymore. Such a good investment. I don’t have to buy two to four dummies every week cause my girl decides on losing them just about anywhere.
Next thing I make sure we have is water and some little snacks in case she will want to eat something. If I am at the pub or in a restaurant I know what to order so I can give some to her as well. We all know how curious babies are and how they want everything you’re having so they won’t be much interested with their lunch (no point in carrying it with me). She will eat with me and this way I know for sure she will be much happier and I calmer as I avoid a well known tantrum regarding a toddler throwing food all over the floor and themselves. Eating with us gives more confidence to a child as well. They get a feeling of acceptance and therefore you will be rewarded with smiles and cuddles instead of getting tears and frustration.
Next thing I make sure her bag is stocked up with all we need in case of accidents of all sorts.
β€’ Bonjela – she is teething so you never know when you need it
β€’ four to five clean nappies
β€’ nappy cream
β€’ wipes
β€’ nappy bags
β€’ antibacterial gel
β€’ changing mat
β€’ a full set of spare clothes including socks, vest, top, trousers. Depending on how long we are out for and where we go sometimes I take two vests just in case

I always make sure not to forget her favourite soft toy and a small blanket or a muslin in case she falls asleep and needs a bit of a cover.
Having all these with me I know for sure I am prepared for everything. Luckily I don’t have a fussy eater at my doorstep so this makes my life easier. She never had any type of juice or sweets and she has milk only when she wakes up and before bed. Her only snacks are the Heinz biscuits with different flavours- no chocolate ones as she gets so so messy with them.
A chewable toy and some baby books are in handy for us always but I am not carrying them with me unless I go out for more than 3-4 hours and I know for sure that the restaurant/pub stop is going to be a fairly long one that will include a full meal and a drink or two. Otherwise, little monster is easily entertained and distracted.
When choosing a place I always makes sure it’s child friendly and has quite clean floors. Ruby crawls around just about everywhere and is one of those curious babies who puts all she finds straight into her mouth. I am not a freak and won’t ask people to clean my table more than necessary and I won’t go mental about finding a pencil on the floor (one that little one finds God knows where around) but cleanliness is a must if you want me to stay in your pub/restaurant.

FullSizeRender (4)
I like to let my little one explore places where we go and not hold her in a stroller or baby chair for hours. Motherhood taught me how to multitask so keeping an eye on the baby while having lunch is a simple piece of cake. I can even check my phone and till know what she’s doing. It’s not a superpower. It’s that thing called being a mother.
Oh, and another thing, when we go out, I know her routine so I make sure we are out the door right after she had her cereals. This means she will be awake for about and hour and most certainly fall asleep after. This gives me a window of about two hours when I can enjoy time with my friends and relax before starting a conversation and ending up with another one just because I forget what I am talking about when my baby has her batteries fully charged and I have to keep up with her so she won’t bang her head against a wall or eat some crayons of the floor (grass and flowers if we are in the park).
All mothers know their children, what they need and what they don’t. Don’t arm yourself with an entire wardrobe, a full fridge and five hundred toys just because some person wrote an article about what works for her when out with her toddler. Do what you know best and just be calm and patient. It all sorts out in the end.
You make sure you enjoy that precious time out and keep and eye on the little monster.

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