toddler on a plane

It took us about a year and a half to finally travel with Ruby abroad. There was always something going on so our holiday was postponed. End of November we finally did it.
Needless to say I was petrified to travel with a toddler even for 3 hours in a plane. The stories I read got me literally shaking. Not to mention that every time I went on a plane or a train and there were kids inside the nightmare began. Screaming babies, crying toddlers and frustrated parents. One look at their faces and you could see it all. If they could jump off the plane that minute they would have happily done it. No remorse there. Trust me.
So I thought I am in for the journey of my life.

I couldn’t sleep the night before. An endless list of snacks, water, extra clothes and all was rushing through my brain. Did I pack enough? Does she have lots of books and toys to be entertained in the plane? Did I put enough snacks? Yogurts? Shall I get sandwiches? She hates sandwiches so strike that.

Ruby felt my emotions straight away so she decided to finally go bed after midnight. It’s ok. We only had to wake her up at 6am.
My friend drove us to the airport and bless her I think she was knackered as well. We were planning on gossiping and drinking like girls until wee hours but obviously one excited toddler decided on interrupting us.
I woke up feeling like crap but trying to keep it all together. Had a coffee quickly and got little munchkin ready for the road. She woke up without any tantrums and had all her milk in time for us to go out the door and head for the airport. Flight was at 11:10 am and we got there for 9 so we can do the check in and all. My little girl was running around chatting away like she was at home. This calmed my nerves a bit.

We passed the passport controls and we headed to the plain

passport control

Seeing all people around with suitcases and trying to get to their seats got her a bit anxious and she started crying. Imagine  my panic  thinking I am in for a noisy journey.

I strapped her to me and as soon as the plane took off my beautiful baby went to sleep for almost two hours. We were lucky as the beat next to us was empty so I could lye her down comfortably. The extra hour until landing she had a snack and we read the Bus book and Peter Rabbit numerous times.
It was the first time my parents and entire family met Ruby so everyone was at the airport waiting for us. Traffic was crazy but my Ruby was a trooper. She behaved like a good little girl enjoying the view from the car although pictures might say something different.

When we got to my parents house she was acting so natural. Like she has been there so many times before.
We had five days of pure bliss. Ruby and little Toto (my dads Bichon) became quickly best friends. She was stroking him so kindly, chasing him to feed him and give him water from the glass and when he was asleep she was pulling his tail to everyone’s enjoyment.
She had lots of gymnastics sessions with my dad and chatted away with everyone who came to see her.

I was literally in heaven. Such an amazing little baby girl. She listens to me and she behaves just like home. She didn’t seem bothered by the time difference either which seemed a bit odd but hey, I was one happy mummy.
We came back thinking of our next trip in summer.
The journey back to London was as good as the one to my parents. Ruby was a good little toddler and we got back safe. I need to mention that I love flying and I am always incredibly calm so maybe this was one of the reasons my baby was the same. I read somewhere that up to 7 years of age, kids take all their mums emotions, fears and joys, something like they are in their mother’s energy bubble so they literally take on all we feel. Might be so. I am not very good at this.
Our first night home was as natural as possible and Ruby went to sleep at 8;30pm and woke up next day at 7:30am. Her normal routine.
Well, things are not as good now. She has a cold and she gave it to me as well cause my baby ain’t selfish. On top of this she keeps going to bed around midnight driving me nuts.
We are supposed to go Nursery in the morning which means she needs to be up by 6:40am so I can get her ready and not miss my train to work.
Good luck mummy.

Stop saying you got such an amazing child. A toddler knows it all and she’ll hit you when you least expect it

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  1. I remember the first time flying with our daughter. She was crying so much on the landing I had to hold her and the stewardess kept insisting she be buckled into her seat. Stress level 10+++++. Not a pleasant first flight, but the others were much better. Wonderful post!

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