It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when Sue and Ben decided to drive to the beach along with their three daughters. Bob was driving while Sue kept turning her head towards the back seat trying to participate in the animated conversation going on amongst her three daughters. Bob felt like they were making no sense talking all in the same time so he couldn’t help himself and shouted:

“Can you all shut up?”

And the car went silent.

Eventually Sue asked: “Why?”

“Because I am trying to drive” said Bob annoyed

Sue and the girls stared at each other confused exclaiming: “Is he trying to drive?”

They haven’t seen any connection between Bod trying to drive and their conversation. On the other hand, Bob couldn’t figure out why they all had to talk in the same time, on different subjects even, specially as none seemed to pay much attention to what the other was saying. Why couldn’t they just keep their mouths shut and let him drive?

Because of all their ramblings he missed the last highway exit”

What is this all about?

Oh well, we are different and not necessarily in a good or a bad way but just … different. Us, women speak all in the same time, do our makeup, think of things to do for later on, paid and due bills, not to mention the fact that we will always notice the new collection in the window of a store. WOMEN ARE SUCCESSFULLY MULTITASKING

Men watch football. They don’t eat in the same time cause they might spill the food on the floor or themselves. They drive and only drive. They fix something and only fix that thing.

Women do laundry, watch their favourite show, speak on the phone with their best friend and still have time to check out a magazine and read the latest column and have time to analyze it all in detail. Even so, the laundry will be done, the food delicious and when he comes home they can just put a smile on their tired faces and pretend their day was a walk in the park. Men come home from work and have a shower, open a bottle of beer and watch sports to unwind. All because they don’t feel like smiling. They are way too tired from work. See… al these are just different things. They are not necessarily good or bad.

Men and women are different because that’s the way things are. Women can feel a child’s pain when he scraped his knee, they can smell a flower and brighten up their day only from that. They can feel amazing and confident because someone noticed their new top or the slightest change they made that day (be it a new lipstick shade or different hair style). Men are grumpy because their favourite team lost a game. They will suffer a week because they hurt a finger with a hammer trying to fix something in the house and they will point it out as much as they can because they are men and therefore the only ones fixing everything in the house.


Walking down the street happens like this: a woman notices a man and thinks: “Hmmm… 28, tall, elegant, presentable. He could be the one” and she sees herself in a couple already, holding hands in a park while they smile at the little baby in the swing (their baby obviously).

Walking down the street a man would notice a woman and think: “Nice boobs. Nice bum. Long legs. Sexy…. she could be a good shag.”


What do women do best? How about men? Why do you think we are so different and in the same time we end up loving each other so much just because he/she is the opposite of us?


PS: this is one post I wrote many years ago and although I can say that things drastically changed since, there are some truths in here and I would appreciate your honest opinions.


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