Last night was the first night my three year old slept in a different bed than the one she had since birth. (hip hip hurray)

We had a nice cot bed from Ikea that literally met all our expectations.Β 
Ruby loved it and, later on when we turned it into a bed and she had more freedom to come in and out of it she was the happiest girl. She would often just say she’s going in her room and pick up a book and have a reading session with her soft toys.

However, as we all know, kids grow so damn fast and before you know it the clothes you bought couple of months ago are small and the bed needs to be replaced.Β 

Her bedroom is pretty small so we had to look around for something that would save some space so she can play as well not only sleep in there.Β 

When she was a baby we kept the bedroom area play free as I wanted her to learn that when she is there s sleep time and she she shouldn’t fuss (it actually worked pretty damn well)Β 

Now as she is getting older she knows these things and enjoys the time spent in her bedroom having different activities like reading/pretend cooking or just reenacting scenes from Toy Story and I know she is completely safe and I don’t have to be there at all times (unless is too quiet as we all know that is not a good sign).

Getting back to our new purchase, I looked around in Ikea again and so many websites specialised in beds but dimensions where always an issue.Β 

We didn’t wanted a toddler bed as she would have probably used it just another year and we would be back to square one. On the other hand, a normal single bed was way too big for her room with the standard measurements.Β 

I decided to check for a mid raise bed so we can use the space under to turn it into a play area. We found a perfect one on Wayfair and I think she’ll be able to sleep in it for quite few good years. It is an 80/160 cm so not a toddler but not a single either and she loves it. She slept in it for the first time last night and this morning she told me how she had a very good sleep and loves her bed going up and down that ladder constantly (she needs to work on going down the ladder a bit).Β 


I have to say that while building it I kept having wild thoughts about the fact that there is no space left in her room and I get so anxious and claustrophobic but by the end I calmed a lot and realised that the space we saved is incredible and her room is pretty cute.

Speaking of which … when did you change your LO’s bed? Did you opt for a toddler bed or went straight for a big bed?

Also, what did you do with the old one? My next post will be about what I do with old clothes, toys and items that my daughter no longer needs, plays with or just don’t fit anymore.


  1. Ahh, I love this piece, I’m currently in the process of moving my 2 and a half year old into her own bed. And I’m dreading it, she found a vacancy in my bed & has since become a permanent fixture, it’s really funny because I was that β€œnon parent” that would say β€œmy kids would never sleep in my bed”.

    Little did I know then hey:)

    I can’t wait to read your next post. x

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  2. It’s always what works best for you and your baby. Hope it will be an easy fun transition πŸ™‚
    Mine loves her new bed. She only sits there now (down side is I have to supervise her in her own room and our pretend play has definitely increased since πŸ˜‚)

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