My daughter was born with a full head of hair. No, I didn’t experience insane heartburn while pregnant thinking my child will look like Chewbacca. They were mild and kept in place with lots of Tums.

First months of her life were spent in baby grows and a fashion statement would probably just be a sun hat in case it was sunny outside. Otherwise she could have been easily mistaken for a boy. I felt like she was too small to dress her up. Newborn dresses, tutu and other cool clothes look amazing in store but when you try and put them on your child, trust me, they all end up making you express some very negative feelings, all of them quite visible on your resting bitch face.

So, after about four months I finally decided on trying a dress for Ruby. Oh yes, this time it looked adorable and I was so proud. I accessorized it with a cute headband. By this time her hair was so spiky it was hilarious.


Bows, hair clips became another important item on our shopping list. I bought so many it’s crazy. Some she never actually got to wear.


This stage passed quickly and until recently I never thought I would have to worry about anything.




Her hair is so long now she looks like Mowgli from Jungle Book.

I got frustrated one day as I realised I suck at this badly. I always had short hair so you can imagine my passion for hairstyles was zero to none. Scrolling down on instagram feeds I started noticing all those extra talented mums and their daughters hair looking so flawless. At this stage I was on only two basic hairdos:Β  ponytail and piggy tales. I thought they would be enough. But no.


Envy and frustration took over me so I decided it’s time for a change. I’m not going to transform myself in one of those superpower mums and gain talent overnight but I can definitely watch some Youtube videos and try tame the beast (obviously, if my daughter will sit still for one full minute – ever). I posted a help message on my Facebook group and a lovely mum sent me one easy trial for toddlers hairstyles.

I have to say I managed to do NONE. Exactly. ZERO. Why? Ruby was screaming like I was about to kill her so I gave up for the moment. I was determined though and the second my child became clingy I brushed her hair and managed my masterpiece. Look how beautiful it is (best I could on this style as she has no patience and I got two left hands).


Few days later I decided I can do something else. So I tried the plated piggy tales. I actually love this one. I accessorize it with some cute hair clips and job done. Quick and cute and have to add: no drama on this one.


Obviously, for lazy days you can always stick to a simple ponytail or the classic piggy tales. Stick some hair clips as well for a nicer look and you are done.


Because sometimes Ruby is a wild beast, I have days when two hair clips are the quickest and best option.


Obviously if your child decides on having a tantrum, you can always leave them be. A good old Mowgli style never hurt anyone.


I surely hope I was an inspiration today. (if you can call an untalented mum this way ever)

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