Motherhood: Powered by love. Fueled by coffee. Sustained by wine – said someone and there is nothing I can actually add to this.

I mean, do you know what is the first thing I do in the morning? I don’t wake my child (she wakes me) but I put on good old Peppa while I warm up milk for my daughter and also make a hot cup of black coffee – it’s our ME time. When I finish I only put a smile on my face and shout from the kitchen: “Mummy coffee, Ruby milk!” (it’s her special call)

So, hello, I am Alina, mum to baby Ruby and a coffee and wine lover. I am a true chatterbox and a sucker for love.

I have decided to write this blog, mainly about motherhood with all the shitty parts but also the amazing, heartwarming ones, few months after my daughter was born.

I felt lonely, misunderstood, judged and depressed so this is my refuge.


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