I recently bought new books for Ruby as she gets easily bored now so I have to make sure we always have new stories to read. She will obsess about one for a while followed by completely forgetting about it and falling in love with another. She is almost two after all.

She completely ignores the bus book now but is crazy about the traditional stories book set. Coming in a box is a plus as my daughter is very fixated on organising things. She will take all books out in the morning and throughout the day we chose one that we will read on and on and on until mummy goes cray cray. The next day we chose another and so on. She’s always entertained and it helps me teach her how to be tidy by putting books back in their box at the end of the day.


The Gingerbread Man, Red Riding Hood, Chicken Licken, Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs are our favourites this time. Some of the book miss a page but lucky mummy knows them by heart and she can go on now like nothing happened.

Ruby loves them so much and they keep her happy.

Every book is lively illustrated and contains lots of lessons to be learned by the little ones such as listening to parents and remembering rules to follow, helping each other, not running away and hard work is paid off. Each and every one of the books is a lovely and entertaining method to teach every child basic life rules.

They are five amazing traditional stories, impossible not to love. All together or separately


They go perfectly with us and can always be thrown in the buggy as a treat on the go.

PS: I am linking up with Laura Summers for the Kids love to read campaign. Follow the link and check the other parents reviews as well.



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