Christmas is a memory, New Years as well, the tree is down and suddenly I feel I got space to breath in the living room.
Toys of all sorts, a Christmas tree and all furniture started giving me a bit of anxiety at some point and my desire of throwing everything out came to me like a storm.
Now, it all seems much better as only toys are left to tidy few times a day.
Ruby has so many games, puzzles, books, soft toys, wooden toys and all you can imagine. She is a toddler and her energy is off the roof any time of the day. She gets bored easily so I find myself entertaining her so I can avoid tantrums as much as I can.
What I noticed is that she is not very attracted to certain types of toys. She would never play with a doll, soft toy (unless is a dog and she cuddles it when she is tired or upset) and she would never touch anything that resembles a phone or remote control although the real ones are a hit within our flat.

She has some toys she will always play with and the rest will just sit there in the hope that one day they will be of some interest to her.
We have a puzzle soft mat that she got as present on her first birthday and she loves it to the day. Every morning she will wake up, get her milk bottle and play in that corner. She takes out letters and numbers and she then puts them back, she rearranges the mat according to her liking in rows of five or seven or however she desires until she gets tired of it.

Just recently, when we went to visit my family, she received a set of rainbow cups that she is mad about. We play and arrange them all day long, even in the bath and they are so fun. Colours are attractive and putting them together is always such an amazing way to develop her motor skills and keep her busy. We also learn colours this way as every cup differs. It’s a must for all toddlers and it comes with a fun bucket and lid that has all sorts of shapes to learn about.


For Christmas I got my daughter an amazing imagination box in Toys R Us. It was about Β£20 and it’s a five way activity cube. There is a clock face, a bead maze, a tracking maze, interlocking cogs and a shape puzzle. It’s very bright and has vibrant colours and helps develop problem solving and fine motor skills. It’s an amazing toy and once she starts playing with it there is no going back to another one. For hours she will go round the cube and explore each side of it. Seeing her trying to solve puzzles and other tricks on this toy makes me so happy. She is one smart monkey.


Another thing that Ruby enjoys is a nice ball pit. As we don’t have a soft play area very near I bought her a bag full of colourful soft plastic balls (100 of them). We take them out and run around hitting those balls whenever we get the chance. Hearing her incredible laugh is music to my ears and I swear I don’t get anxiety at all seeing a million balls spread around my living room. I love the way she chases them and has fun for a very long time.

When we get tired and nap time is not an option we always have amazing books around. From her very first book of numbers, baby’s first 100 words to lift the flat and short beautiful stories, Ruby adores flipping through the pages and discovering attractive images. It’s always our special time and I love reading to her no matter the time. She gets obsessed over a book or another and it’s always fun to read the same story over and over again and watch her be so interested with the subject.


This is how we get busy all day long. My little one adores puzzles, construction toys, maze and books I love the fact that she is so inquisitive about things. These are our favourite toys and we recommend them for any toddler as we definitely managed to reduce tantrums to almost none a day.
We do sometimes get upset but to be honest I am one lucky mummy.
Try any of these toys and let me know how your little ones get on during the day

4 thoughts on “How to keep a toddler entertained

  1. Fantastic tips here, thank you! Tell me, has she got involved in your cooking/baking yet? That’s always a lot of fun! Mine have enjoyed donning their mini aprons and stood up on stools to ‘help’ mummy. My fondest memories…:-)

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  2. Not yet. We are in the process of getting a kitchen set for her so we play pretend. She does love the pots and pans so not long till she will help mummy πŸ™‚ can’t wait

    Thank you for reading and the comment.

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