By definition, mama bear is “a female bear currently rearing one or more cubs. (by extension, slang) a woman, especially a mother, who is extremely protective of a child or children.

Every woman’s inner mama bear is hibernating but ready to act at any sign. Releasing this feeling does not make any of us popular. On the contrary. It’s an uncontrollable rage that comes every time your child/children or loved one is facing danger.

It’s an animal instinct known from the beginning of time. How else can you explain giving birth in the woods by yourself and nurturing your baby, protecting it from harm back in the stone age? How do you explain the courageous women during any of the wars, doing unbelievable things to protect their families and children, running from the enemy and even able to kill to protect.

I think my inner mama bear came out for the first time when I was about nine and some bully was hitting my little brother. I went to face him and even slapped his face calling him names and telling him to go pick on someone his size not a child. Called him a coward and threatened to beat the shit out of him. (don’t think he didn’t laugh at me cause he did but also he left my brother alone)

My inner mama bear came out few times in my life after that and I am telling you I was amazed by my determination and protectiveness. I was around 24 and my mum was in hospital for a procedure and my grandfather was in another hospital suffering from cancer. I was working all day and going to visit both before getting home every day. When my mums doctor was being a total jerk and dismissing her because “she was fat” I let go of my feelings. I chased him around the hospital, I made him sit down and explain to me everything that was happening to her threatening him with my annoying presence until he’ll do it. I shouted, I have been rude and I almost lost it for a cause: protecting my mum because my inner mama bear was coming out again.

Later on, when I became a mother, I went on mama bear mode. It’s instinct and it happens when my child is getting sick, when my child is in any type of danger and even when another child is teaching her bad things in nursery or doing any little thing that would upset her.

She was suffering with eczema and for nine weeks we seen nine doctors giving her different treatments that did not work. I went crazy demanding a specialist, tests and referrals, asking for my child to be treated for what she had and not what they think she has (all of them treated her for ringworm instead of eczema cause they look similar – hear me roar in here).

We woke up one morning and her ear was a bit dirty. I didn’t panic but thought it’s unusual. We went GP and they confirmed she had an incipient ear infection. I didn’t do it because I am the mum who goes crazy from the first symptom of a common cold but because I felt something was wrong and my instinct paid off. I was right.

She is nearly three and I still pick her up every time we cross the road because I am protecting her with my life. I am preventing something bad happening.

And yes, I threatened children that they will have to do with me if they ever miss behave or teach my daughter naughty things. I shouted at other parents when one of their children hit my daughter at the soft play. I finished friendships because they dared judge me, my parenting and my child. You can say anything about me but not my child. I will hit you with no remorse, I will hurt you in any way possible if you dare look the wrong way at my child because I am a mama bear.

Releasing our inner mama bear makes us crazy, too loud, bitchy, aggressive, too emotional, too hysterical and all those over the top feelings out there. But it’s all out of love and if someone is dismissing us or doesn’t understand, they have a problem. MAMA BEAR NEVER QUITS

Once released, this inner feeling is yours to call out in need. It’s there, hidden inside you and it will rrroooooaaaarrrrrr when it has to.

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