Coming from a country where Halloween is just something you see on TV and you recognise as an American celebration, made not think about it that much.

I moved to U.K. over seven years ago and I can tell you that I never went to a Halloween party and I never had to dress up for the occasion.

However, when you become a parent things change completely.

Because last year my daughter was quite small and also Halloween didn’t fall on a Nursery day, I made zero efforts on buying outfits.

This year, we are attending dance classes every Thursday and Tappy Toes decided on running a dress up competition for all kids. Although I still think Ruby is small and she won’t remember much I didn’t wanted to be the only mum with a kid showing up dressed in regular clothes.

Off I went to hit the shops in look for a nice outfit so my little one can look so adorable for the day.

I started this Halloween thing way too late as most stores were out of stock on outfits. Whatever was left on the shelves could not meet my expectations. Ugly pumpkins for 18-24 months left, witched for over four year olds and Disney Store stocked the only the classic Belle, Moana and Elsa costumes, smallest size being a 3-4. However, they seemed so big, Ruby would have been able to wear them in about 2 years time.

Walking around and looking for an outfit didn’t seem like an easy job anymore but a mission impossible.

On Monday I was already set on skipping the dance class and that was that. I couldn’t find anything and taking my daughter without a costume was a big no no.

On Tuesday I went to work and randomly went inside M&S so I thought “Why not?” I got to the kids section and started looking through the dragon baby outfits and pirate girls – I would have loved that but the stock left was for over 6 year olds so I turned my back disappointed and ready to leave. But the gods were on my side and I noticed two cute outfits that would have been perfect for my Ruby: a butterfly and a unicorn.

What would a two year old choose? πŸ€”

Of course it was the Unicorn as we had the unicorn wellies at home and the outfit was just adorable.

Needless to say Ruby worn the skirt and headband around the house, out shopping and she would have gone bed with if I wouldn’t have been so smooth in taking them off. My choice has been a complete success.

Thursday we went to dance classes and my little one so proud of herself and danced through the thirty minutes like a champion.

We are not going Trick or Treating this year but promise the one to follow will be our first.

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