There is a list of things I swear by when it comes to babies. When I got pregnant I surfed the internet like crazy for lists containing what you need for a newborn up to when they are about one. I found hundreds of things, one more useless than the other. Not knowing a thing about what they really need, I bought some unnecessary items as well. I am sure you’ve been there just like me. I still wonder why on earth I got two changing mats instead of one with different covers. Or a swaddle blanket (never ever used it and will never do no matter how many children I’ll have). A million sets of body suits and cute outfits that she never got the chance to wear as she grew out of them so quick; four jumbo packs of number one nappies when in reality we used just about two and we had to switch to number two. Oh, let’s not forget the fairytale dresses that look so beautiful in store but when you try and dress a newborn you go “yuk” instantly. A play mat my baby was not very keen on (maybe cause I got one in nude colours instead of a more vibrant one); soft toys over toys that she never plays with (she has this crazy habit now on sucking tags so anything with a tag is her best friend no matter if it’s the sleepy bunny or a pair of socks); I don’t need to mention the hospital bag as well. I carried so many outfits for myself and Ruby and we used just about two as we came home next day; so much food that I was not in the mood to have, toothbrush and toothpaste and actually I only used mouth wash as I did not sleep at all and brushing my teeth was a thing I could afford to skip for a day; about three towels when I used only one as the hospital ones were pretty good. But you never know what you need and what you don’t, specially on your first pregnancy. What I can definitely swear by so far are few baby toys and products I could never ever live without at the moment. 

1. Ruby suffered from colic and no medicine could calm her down. She couldn’t be settled no matter what. We tried all possible methods and nothing seemed to do the trick. Later on we started thinking about dummies. And we got the Tesco ones, Avent, Tommy Tipee and Nuby. Again no result. It was all like a burp in a symphony. My child was staring at me while i was making efforts to convince her it’s so good to have a dummy. Looking around I found the MAM ones and I thought these I haven’t tried. What’s Β£5 more spent on useless products for my baby? 

But surprise, surprise! She took it on my first attempt and I was afraid to even blink just in case she would change her mind. She didn’t (she even falls asleep now holding a dummy in each hand and playing with them until she gets tired). Not to mention they come in so many designs and they have the proper sterilising box and for six months plus you get the glowing ones. So easy to find in bed at night time. My little one loves them. My days got easier this way. Try them and don’t lose hope. 

2. Another thing that helped me immensely is the vibrating/rocking baby chair formally knows as baby bouncer from Fisher price (I had an old one but still so good. New ones are so much more comfortable).

 My baby slept and played in that chair since she was about five weeks old. This is how I started doing some housework as well. She would play and look at me while I do dishes and Hoover and so on. 

3. When she grew out of it I found the Fisher Price Roaring rainforest Jamperoo that she still uses to the day. She loves it and to be honest is not only making my life easier but it helps her develop her senses and muscles as well. For this there is a downside if I can call it this way. Ruby wants to bounce up and down even when she is not in the Jumperoo. Try and hold her and see what happens. 

4. When we started the weaning process we checked few high chairs and we decided on getting the Mammas and Pappas Snax Jamboree one.

It has attractive cover that keeps baby in place, is very secure and has quite few adjusting levels, not to mention that is easily washable. Perfect for a messy little learning monkey. 

5. Also from Mammas and Papas we got the My First Sit and Play chair. It doesn’t take much space and is so good for Ruby. Most of the time I leave it without the top part and she doesn’t need it now but I am not afraid to leave her in the room by herself for few minutes.

 Wether she goes left or right she is protected and to be honest she loves having the top part in front of her on the floor so she can pull it up and down. Perfect investment. 

6. The Avent sterilising kit. Easy to use and clean. Takes only couple of minutes to have it all ready. 

7. Boots shampoo and conditioner for babies. Ruby had lots of hair from day one so getting rid of the cradle cap was not an easy job. We tried all there is on the market but until we discovered this one, nothing helped. 

8. Epaderm cream. So hydrating for babies and fights against baby eczema as well. I have a baby with a very sensitive skin so developing an eczema was easy. I got so desperate in finding a remedy and I have been told there is none or received steroids cream from GP. If you have this problem, go with this cream and Fifty/50 one as well. 

These eight things are an absolute must for me. I love them and I swear by them anytime. They made my life easier, they helped me get extra time so I can find my old self again and I can say they played a role in getting over post natal depression as well. Not to mention I have such a bright and happy child. And this is the most important of them all. 

What are the must have products for you? 
PS: If at some point you find no connection between phrases is because I have been trying to write this post for three days now and couldn’t get myself to finish it 

7 thoughts on “THINGS I SWEAR BYΒ 

  1. Ahh Ruby is so sweet! I really loved my Moby wrap when my little one was small as he just wanted to be held and cuddled and it got him to sleep too! And now I love the 360 cups that help him learn to drink from a cup but without spilling it everywhere!!

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  2. We absolutely love Sophie the Giraffe. Though my 3.5 month old still doesn’t take it. She prefers her hands. We always have a car seat cum rocker when we go out, such a boon.


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