Reaching the three year old bar made my daughter a bit more curious when it comes to food. Where she was only eating tomato spaghetti now she suddenly asks me to add some parmesan cheese on top. I know, right? Absolutely crazy wanting to try cheese and pasta in the same time :))

When it comes to pasta that every child likes, my daughter refused any white sauce pasta. They had to have tomato otherwise they were no good for her.

You know what she will have now? OK. I’ll tell you.

Boil pasta (any shape your child might fancy or spaghetty for that matter. who cares apart from them?).

Take pasta out and drain the water. Pour tiny bit of olive oil on them and serve. SHOCKER.

She loves them. I tried the pesto as well and also grate some cheese and serve it to my fussy threenager.



PS: I would throw a bit of baby tomatoes or avocado inside, maybe some lovely olives to tickle my taste buds (be adventurous for your little one if you can). I need to take it slow with my one

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