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As my child approaches the terrible twos I started noticing so many changes in her. Some are absolutely adorable but most are just pure evil. It’s like I need to use reverse psychology with her but then again if I do, wouldn’t she get confused on long term?
I can tell you she understands me 100% but she is just either too stubborn either an evil genius testing my limits to the max. I tend to believe it’s the latter.
Example: I tell her a million times every day that food is to be on a plate and not on the floor. We eat from the plate Ruby! I show her and teach her not to do it anymore. What does she do?
Exactly that! She looks at me with those puppy eyes babbling away some God knows what words that are meant to be excuses I assume and while doing it she literally throws the food on the floor in from of me. Isn’t this evil?
Lucky she only does it with snacks and not her lunch or dinner. I would have been lost my mind now if that happened.

Aren’t the terrible twos terrible?

Now, she used to be such a good eater. I mean from when we started the weaning program everything went smoothly. She liked all I gave her (no broccoli though) and she never been fussy. Such a proud mummy.
Not for long. The terrible twos are knocking on my door. You know what she was now? Peas, sweetcorn, raisins and occasionally scrambled eggs.


She looks at meat like it’s some disgusting sort of alien food and pasta that she loved so much are now something she doesn’t even touch. Of course she’ll have some ice cream if I give her cause it’s sweet but anything else it’s a miracle. I have no idea what to do anymore. My next door neighbour told me her son only eats bread and it’s all just a phase. Please God, let it be that.
Her tantrums are not terrible but they are short and they take place often so having to deal with her is sometimes such a hard job. She heard a shitty boy in Nursery screaming so now if she doesn’t want to do something she’ll just scream and instantly I see crocodile tears down her cheeks. It’s all for show. Trust me. It’s been tested. As soon as she gets what she wants she turns into this perfect little girl smiling and behaving like she’s been to private school already.  The change comes almost instantly so no matter how tired or frustrated I am I still find it damn hilarious.
The other day we had a proper melt down because there was no peas on the plate and later on because her hands were cold but she wouldn’t want gloves.
Did I mention sleep regression? Why? She had such a lovely routine. Why did she have to change? I used to get her in bed by 8:30pm and she would sleep through the night up to 7:30 am. She used to. Not anymore. Now she falls asleep after 10pm and she’ll wake up at 7:30am. Those two hours make a difference. They were my me time before bed. That time when I have a drink, do my nails or wash my hair, watch a movie and relax.

The terrible twos are definitely terrible

Don’t get me wrong, I did notice some beautiful changes and I’ll get to them immediately but her mini frustrations drive me up the wall and there is not enough coffee in the world to solve that.
God given me strength!

The terrible twos are funny and beautiful as well, rewarding and full of wow times. Just earlier I changed her nappy and she folded her changing mat and put it in its place. She was so happy doing it I was speechless. Also tonight she gathered her soft toys on the hallway and she was talking to them. It was so adorable and I was so proud asking her if she’s telling them a bedtime story.

telling stories
When we walk down the road she takes my hand now or she holds onto the stroller, always making sure I am right there. Before, she couldn’t care less. She was just walking.
She’s interacting more, she’s playing in a more advanced way, she’s making huge efforts to speak and she definitely understands everything we say.
Mornings she started to climb up into my bed, watch Duggee and have her milk. She looks like a tiny adult and I love the way she pays attention to everything.
She loves the praises so she is trying to do things right at all times. She wants to brush her teeth for as long as possible, she’s sometimes putting her toys away and rearranging her books. She is such a detail freak like me and she loves everything to always be in their place. Makes me so proud and happy. She knows what she wants and she makes sure I know as well.
I know there are many more changes to come once the terrible twos are here but I am still hoping the beautiful ones will top the shitty, annoying others.


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