It’s a toy so you can play. It’s a book so you can read 🙂



It’s a play book, my baby’s very first bus book and I go crazy cause I have to read it a million times a day and she still wants more. It’s our morning book, afternoon book, nap time and bedtime books ok and it’s her favourite toy all day long.
This chunky sturdy book shaped as a bus is absolutely amazing. It has bright pictures and such simple text that catches attention straight away.

All lovely animals are waiting at different bus stops and the red bus driven by Lion stops to pick  them up and take them to the fair.
This Usborne book is ideal for every baby over one year old. So much fun. And oh, did I mention? The wheels on the the bus are actually going round and round as you can use the book as a toy bus.
My little one pretends to drive the bus and goes around the house pushing it and laughing away.

IMG_3166 (1)
From the moment she discovered it she forgot all about the other toys. And I love it when she comes to me and hands me the book to read to her. She makes herself comfortable in my arms first and than she is ready for yet another bus ride to the fair. And I am such a happy mummy cause I got a little bookworm next to me 😋
I can’t recommend this book enough. If you are interested in buying it you can find an Usborne organiser near your area or just find me and I will help you with it.

At the price of £6.99 this little bus Books is the perfect gift for every boy or girl.
Oh, and guess what? My girl managed not to brake it. This is somethings. She rips all books no matter how sturdy but this one is a winner 🙂

download  I linked up with Laura on this post. Check out her website for more amazing kids books

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