I’ve been postponing Ruby’s move into her own room for quite some time now. I always decided on a day or another and somehow it didn’t happen. It was either me finding things to do (far more important as it seems) either my cheeky monkey would get another cold or she would just be ill.

As a birthday/Easter present I decided to do it this weekend. I’ll finally have my own space in the bedroom and she will learn how to be independent. My second bedroom won’t look like a storage room anymore but like a tiny little princess room.

I didn’t color the walls pink and left them white nor did I stuck princess stickers on her bed or door. I will let her do that when she will be older. For now she has her toys and clothes in there as well as the changing table that I am still using although to be honest I am not sure for how long. I need to find another use for it pretty soon.



While pregnant I dreamed of her perfect room with shinny pink walls, fairy lights and Β magic but things are not always as we plan them to be. Lots happened and all had to be postponed. Since in the new place, was just a matter of time, cold/flu picked up from nursery and my own desire to keep Ruby a baby until she will turn 18. I never thought time will fly and she will not need me that much so soon. She is playing on her own, watching Sponge Bob mesmerized and pretends not to hear me every time I tell her she is not allowed to do something. She has a strong personality and I can already tell what she likes and what she hates. Anyone can see it in her eyes.

Even though she is one she has no teeth (crazy, I know) and makes efforts to speak and walk. The every day changes are incredible and sometimes I am speechless looking at her.

Last night was the first night she slept in her own room. For a week now she only takes a nap during the day and around seven pm she is out for the next twelve hours. Not yesterday though. It was like she new a change is coming. She fell asleep outside in the stroller to wake up two hours later even though she did have her usual nap in the morning.


There I was waiting for night time while my baby was walking around the coffee table like it was mid day, babbling a story only she knows and amusing herself. She started giving signs of tiredness around nine pm when she came in my arms looking for my shoulder to rest her head on. This is how she falls asleep lately and I just move her in bed few minutes after. I had the same plan last night only Ruby wasn’t sharing the same plan with me. She had her own. The second I got her in bed she woke up, standing up and giggling like she heard the best joke ever said. It happened twice in half hour time and I lost my patience. I swear this child is smart. She knew I moved her and now she was giving me her revenge.

I decided on having dinner and letting her play for a bit longer only to have her climbing up on the chair so she can eat with me. She loved the grilled chicken and oven made chips. I was so proud of her. She was eating like a grown up.

When we finished we watched a bit of Sponge Bob and she finally fell asleep. I kept her in my arms for as much as I could. I mover her in her bed after a while and I went into mine. The bedroom seemed so empty without Ruby there. I normally fall asleep listening to her breathing. This time it was only a monitor there telling me she is sleeping next door. It took me some time to finally fall asleep. I only woke up around three am when I herd her voice. I jumped and went to check on her only to see she was fast asleep. Probably a dream. I went back to sleep myself and she woke me up around six am when I could hear her voice. She was babbling away signaling me it’s the start of a new day.

We both survived the first night apart. She slept very well and so did I at some point. I am happy I done it and not it calls for new big changes. Next one: operation “dummy” – it needs to go

6 thoughts on “The big move

  1. It is a big step and well done. Mine still sleeps in our room and we are in process of moving her out to her own room soon. We just have to make the room more baby proof as she climbs and gets into everything.

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  2. My niece was in her parents room until she turned six I think. It was such a struggle for them to finally mover her. I think that is why I wanted to do it while she is small. Lots of luck. I am sure Chorri will be happy with her new room


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