Not my kind of a title for a post. I know. I just can’t think of anything right now. Weather isΒ  just plain rubbish, things are just as always and I am just empty of things to write about. Did it happen to anyone else before? I got so many subjects but in the same time the words are not coming to me at all.

I managed to get Ruby to go for a nap. VICTORY IS MINE.

She refused sleep during the day for the past week or so and I can tell you this is not ok. Don’t know where she gets her energy from cause I am drained. Two coffees a day, two berry tablets (amazing) and still my energy levels are down. I don’t need gym. She is my gym. Running around everywhere we go, get my brain to function, pick her up, put her down, play up and down with her. What else do I need to keep fit? Nothing. My baby belly is still present a bit (almost gone completely). Makes me think something works here.


If we could go out more I think it will definitely help me but rainy days are not for outdoor activities. Needless to mention that the rain cover is Ruby’s worst nightmare. God, how I pray for springtime. Let the birds sing and the sun shine so we can go down by the farm, soft play and park.


Last year we went to Bushey farm and she was so scared. Even of chickens. Now she is an animal lover and I can’t wait to go back there. I am sure she will have so much fun.


This time last year we were so excited about her first birthday and I swear it seems just like yesterday. It’s damn scarry. In two weeks time she’ll turn twoΒ  and I can’t help but feeling old. Time flies and we don’t even realise it. There are not enough hours in a day for me to do all the things I am planning on doing, read all the books I want to read, meet the people I love and rest as well. No. A day goes by just like any other. We wake up, we play, we go out or play some more, have breakfast, have lunch, nap, play, bath time and there we go. It’s past 6pm and she’s having her milk. Not long to night time. And so another day will come.

It is so exciting to hear her pronouncing new words and making efforts on daily basis, turning into a little adult with taste in clothes, food and cartoons, books and different activities but it’s so damn scary how soon she won’t need me as much.


I am literally taking in all cuddles and kisses I get. I treasure them like nothing else for one day I will miss them so much. Not long until she will be prefer friends over mummy time and I’ll be left home with old toys and baby clothes.

I think I am way too nostalgic and emotional now. Just had a look through old pictures and I seen my baby bump and Ruby’s first picture, the crazy moments of motherhood, all gathered into my phone like they happened yesterday.


It’s just another Thursday and one coffee later I’ll definitely feel more confident. Not to mention all house work that needs to be done. That’ll help.

I am going to see The Book of Mormon on Saturday afternoon and I think this is the highlight of the season for me as we all know I don’t get to go out much without Ruby. i am actually excited to see the play. I heard only good things about so yeah, I’ll get my fancy outfit out and if the weather is nice I promise to wear my high heels.

Until then I got lots of play doh on my hands, a million books to read to Ruby and most definitely lots and lots of colouring to do. She is into writing now more than anything. I have to get a notebook and a pen with me at all times. Just give them to her in the stroller and she’s all good. No tantrums ahead.


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