We have been planning this day for a while now. This morning was raining so badly that I thought this will be yet another day of cancelled plans for London zoo day out. But luckily around nine am the rain stopped and we decided to go after all.

It was such a good idea and all the way there I could only hear Ruby calling all animals she knows. She wanted to see the zebra, giraffes, lions and monkeys, a bear and a baby bird.

It was my first time at the London Zoo as well and to be honest I was really excited as I was a child last time I have been to a zoo and I did miss the animals. I missed the magic of it all and today I did feel like a child along with my toddler.

The tiger was quiet but fascinating and so beautiful and the giraffes absolutely adorable

The zebras were very still, one might think they were stuffed animals. I loved them and Ruby kept saying she wants to see the zebra even after we passed it so we can go back and watch them again.

The fact that she knew animals, she knew what she was seeing was incredible. She was so happy calling out, jumping up and down and demanding to go further and see more

The highlight seemed to be the Aquarium (shocker). She actually started crying to go back and see more fishy. And yes, she seen Dory and Nemo and she wanted to kiss them through the glass

Going further we have passed by amazing birds and we had the opportunity to see them close as we could go through the massive cage

We have seen owls and parrots and tropical bright coloured birds I forgot their name but definitely never forget their beauty.

As excited as Ruby was she kept repeating she wants to see the lion.

The closest one was sleeping peacefully. Ruby decided on tapping the glass window and shouting: “WAKE UP LION! WAKE UP!”

The lion didn’t wake up but going further we got to the gorillas who were captivating and magnificent (I was mesmerised and didn’t take pictures) and got to the little thief monkeys who offered us a funny and entertaining show

It was a beautiful and fun day and Ruby had a blast. I could tell how excited and happy she was and I could tell it was a success.

Making her dreams come true is my number one priority and London Zoo day out was definitely a day to remember.

PS: I hated the restaurant at the Zoo. Proper rip off. Β£30 for a lunch that consisted of chips (the only good thing), a very fish and a cheeseburger wrapped in a dry and tasteless bun with way too much salad and mayo. Next time I know to avoid it.

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