Although I am trying not to venture in central London on a weekend, today I risked it and went out. She was so happy on the big chair in the train

we got off by London Bridge and decided on walking up to the Aquarium. For an adult it takes about 37 minutes but when you have a two year old with you, double the time.

It didn’t matter to be fair. Ruby wanted to walk and she enjoyed it so much. I had to get her in the pushchair as I thought she would definitely fall asleep when the fun should begin.

When we finally arrived we got to get the tickets and was informed that our slot is at 3:30pm (never happened before as we always got in straight away but it was packed). We had almost two hours to kill so we thought we should get some lunch by the green in front of the London Eye

Ruby ate all her food and played around, running after birds and laughing away at everything around us.

After lunch we stopped at the Arcades and the fun began. I never went there to play but being with Ruby the situation changed slightly.

She has been so crazy about the motorcycle rides

pretending to be riding and making noises to everyone’s delight.

We moved to all different games and we had so much fun.

Finally the time to visit the Aquarium came and off we went to cue. I was annoyed thinking I need to be in the sun for half hour just to get in but now I can say it was all worth it.

We love the Aquarium and Ruby is delighted to see the fish every time we come here. She loves the turtles and jellyfish in particular

I can’t say she hasn’t enjoyed the sharks or penguins as I would lie. She ran around to talk to every fish and try to pet them.

She was exhausted by the time we finished the tour but she enjoyed today so much and I got to make amazing memories.

Seeing her happy is all I need. Her smile is genuine and melts my heart. I hope to be able to offer her an infinite moments like today and never let her down

4 thoughts on “London day out with a toddler

  1. It’s such an amazing way to spend a day and make beautiful memories.
    I took Ruby when she was one and she was quite scared. By the time she started enjoying it we finished the tour πŸ˜‚
    Now she can’t wait to get in


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