I always wanted to have something unique, beautiful and special to remind me of the day my daughter was born and to be fair to remind me the time as well. I somehow seem to get the minute wrong.
When she was only a week old her bellybutton fell so I kept it for a while thinking that one day I will turn into something or use it as a keepsake but in time I just found this a bit disgusting and insane so I just gave up on it. I haven’t cut her hair since she was born so good bye to that idea.
I found different things online but nothing seemed to do the trick for me. It seemed like something everyone has or something that doesn’t go well with my personality or my little ones either.
Good old twitter done it’s job one more time for me and it introduced me to a user named @BertieButtonArt
At first I smiled thinking it’s a cute name but I did click on the account to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised.


I found these adorable keepsake frames for kids and the thing is you get all details in there so when you are old and you tell birth stories you won’t get anything wrong. You will a hundred percent remember your child’s weight, date of birth and of course the time when you became a parent. And they are made of buttons.


Yes, you read it just fine. Buttons. As in the ones you use for your coats, jackets, shirts and all clothing items. Isn’t crazy? It might be but it’s someone’s idea of sharing art in all forms and it’s so personal as there are no machines involved. It’s hand made. It’s someone’s passion and soul in there and this for me worked out perfectly.

I ordered my keepsake already knowing where it will go in the Nursery. I couldn’t wait to get it

I have been in contact with Bertie from the beginning and she sent me pictures with her work in progress. Seeing how it all comes to life it’s so exciting.
From just a frame to a letter and a teddy

From that to those beautiful details of your birth written beautifully so they’ll remind you forever of that happiness you experienced that special day


And from all these to buttons magically arranged in the shape of a letter.

It is incredible how someone can think of such beautiful things and sharing them to all of us out there.  You might not visualise exactly what it all looks like but check out what I got when Bertie finished my frame.

Go and order yours, check out all her work and decide what moves your souls. And because I care about all my readers you get a 10% discount of your order when you use the code RUBY10 at the checkout so look up for Bertie Button art on her social media accounts and order your precious piece



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