Always, always trust your first gt instincts. If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul that something is wrong, it usually is

You have permission to walk away from anything that does not feel right. Trust your instincts and listen to your inner-voice – it’s trying to protect you

There is nothing stronger than a mothers intuition and if you learn to listen to it you will thank yourself evey day of your life.

Your child is the only one who knows your heart from the inside and the bond you two have is unbreakable. But before you learn this there is a long way.

The second you hold your baby for the first time, your instincts kick in and suddenly you are doing things you never done before. You never changed a nappy in your life but somehow it comes to you naturally; you never breastfed but you know instinctively what to do, you never held a newborn but somehow holding your baby is so simple and rewarding. These are things you do from instinct and not books.Β 

When you finally get out of the hospital and take your little one home, that’s when it all kicks in. Your superpowers develop all of a sudden and you are on power mode twentyforseven. It’s called instinct and you learn to work with it and listen to it.Β 

I know. You are fully responsible of that newborn and you question yourself a million times. You ask yourself: “Am I even qualified?” you might even panic and think: “Oh my God. What have I done? I can’t do this. I don’t know what my baby wants, why is he/she crying. I’ll never be a good mother”

Go ahead. Feel free to panic, feel free to think all the crazy thoughts because if you do, you are already a good mother. You are panicking because your instincts are kicking in.Β 

Here are a few reasons why you should listen to your instincts:

  1. YOU ARE THE EXPERT – although it is hard to believe, there is no one in this world who knows your child better than you do. All others know charts, guide lines but not you little one. You know when they are not themselves, you now when they are off colour, when their cry is not a normal one and you know what makes them happy or sad. Believe in yourself. Don’t let others make you doubt your motherhood.
  2. YOU ARE THE BEST MUM THEY KNOW – your baby knows your voice even before he/she is born, they know your heart beat and your smile, your cuddles and kisses and for them they are the best. There is nothing and no one better.Β 
  3. YOUR ARE OK AND ENOUGH – you haven’t showered in two days, God knows when you last washed your hair, you haven’t made an appointment with your beautician in months and there is vomit on your top plus a coffee stain from yesterday. Your baby don’t care. You are ok and you look mummy perfect for him
  4. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG – is your child healthy and happy? Well, that is the main goal. As long as baby is happy and healthy there is no right or wrong: breast or formula, ready meals or cooked meals, nursery or home; stay at home mum or working mum…. people will judge you no matter what. They will tell you their best and what to do. Don’t listen to them. You know what is best for your little one just as they do for their own child.Β 
  5. MISTAKES ARE WHAT MAKE US GOOD – we learn from mistakes. Stop trying to be perfect Susan from instagram cause you won’t ever be. Not because you are not good enough but because she doesn’t exist. Yes, I made the milk too hot one time and too cold the other, I put way too many clothes on my daughter when it was hot outside and the other way around, I put her nappy backwards, I gave her brown sugar with water when she was only two months old because she was constipated and I heard it will help – it didn’t but I learned from all these and as long as we don’t threaten lives here we are only humans after all and we will always make mistakes
  6. TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS – is your baby developing a small rash, a chesty cough, did he/she fell over and your first reaction is: “I am going hospital” – GO. Don’t listen to others telling you you shouldn’t do it. That is your motherly instinct and you should listen to it every second of your life. It tells you the truth. I noticed a bit more wax in my daughters ear and it wasn’t nothing but a year infection cought in time; I took her to hospital because she had small dry patches on her skin and it turns out she was having eczema. I can give you so many examples – mine or others but the bottom line is – You know your child bestΒ 
  7. ALL YOUR BABY NEEDS IS LOVE – yes. It might sound crazy but it is just as true. All your child needs is love. This is how you get him/her calm, content and happy. They don’t care about expensive clothes, beautiful spotless nurseries and other things you might think. They only need love and as long as you give it you are doing an amazing job.Β 
    There is nothing more potent than a mothers love, nothing more protective than a mother and more powerful than the connection a mother has with her child


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