Once Ruby turned one I decided it is the perfect time to upgrade her water sipping cup with a more suitable one and her milk bottles with a sipping cup, as well as wean her off formula and put her on cows milk.
The day she turned one she slept in her own room and I feared all these changes will be a bit much for her. They asked in nursery if they can give her tap water instead of cooled boiled water now that she is a toddler and not a baby anymore. I feared she won’t cope and start acting like a fussy baby. I feared I done all these at the wrong time. I should have done it earlier and in stages. Or would have been better to wait a bit on one or the other?

I am literally playing it all by ear. I have no clue what is wrong and what is right but to be fair I had no idea before either and she turned out well so far

I guess I only need to trust my instincts and they will guide me on the right path.

FullSizeRender (3)
After Ruby turned one I felt like I am in a carousel. It only been a week but the changes in her are absolutely incredible. Every day, every hour I notice a bit of progress in her development. The sounds she makes, the games she plays, her desire for books and stories, the hand-eye coordination getting better and better. Wow.

She is changing right before my eyes and it is such a delight to see all of it

The fact that she doesn’t need a dummy during day time, she is not crying in nursery at all – but on the contrary, she loves it so much, she started to interact with adults and children so well and she is so happy, they all make me a proud mama.
But I also noticed few things that I am not quite happy about. In the past few days she became very clingy with me and only me. If she doesn’t have things her way she starts crying and demands to be picked up. If I leave the room for a minute she is crying for me. She cuddles me and doesn’t want to let me go. I am making huge efforts in distracting her so she would stop this behavior but sometimes I feel like I am not trying hard enough or just that this method is not suited for her.
I hate seeing her cry and sometimes I give in to her requests but I don’t want to end up having to do this every single day and everywhere I go from now on. It’s enough that I have to watch her every second. I swear she’s so quickΒ when it comes to getting herself trapped under the table or falling over and hurting herself. Today she was walking around the coffee table like she always does only this time she lost her balance and fell. She bruised her forehead and I had a heart attack or something that felt like it. My heart surely stopped and I was shaking like a chicken. It took a good half hour to calm her down. She was in my arms like a little koala bear. Clingy again but this time she had a reason and I would’t have had it other way.

She only slept for half hour all day and after her bath at six o’clock everything turned into a spectacle. She hated everything around and even refused her milk. She was crying her heart out and she only calmed down when I picked her up. In two seconds she was asleep.
I heard that babies become this clingy when their teeth are coming out. If it’s true it means that finally she will start having them. Long overdue anyways. And I surely hope that this is the reason and not some sort of spoiled behavior that I would hate so much.
She is turning into a little person more and more. A person with willpower, likes and dislikes, taste in food and environment, preferences towards people and everything around, a small person with a big personality.
She is so spoiled even in nursery.

Everybody knows little Ruby and they all give her cuddles and attention and they are so happy when they get it all in return

She made so much progress because of this place and I couldn’t be happier for choosing it.Β Not sure that I could have given her the confidence she got in nursery. I tend to be overprotective and we all know this is not a good thing for a baby’s development.
Now she is trying to speak, form words and express herself. It is so funny. I am so curious about what’s going on in her mind. She is having full on conversations with toys, Sponge Bob and books and I am just staring at her and guessing what she has to say.
I did learn how she wants more food. It is easy. She looks at me and starts babbling in a demanding way and banging her little hands on the table. This way I know she wants more

I hope she turns out to be a good girl and not

one of those silly brats I don’t like


I hope I managed to do a good job raising her and haven’t failed as a parent. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.
When she was born I promised her she will change the world and told her she will be this incredibly good girl who will see the good in people. I surely hope it’s true.

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