People who read my blog know I love coffee. People who know me, know how I drink my coffee and just how particular I am with making it. My close friends know my ritual when it comes to coffee and they also know that I never say no, regardless of the time of day.

I am one of those people who discovered from an early age the taste of this miraculous drink and it soon became my best friend. I loved the idea of waking up in the morning, putting the kettle on and making a cup of coffee, closing my eyes while smelling it and planning my day while sipping it and getting my energy levels up.

I have been drinking the same type of coffee for years even if I moved countries. I rarely changed it so I can always go back to my first love. Don’t ask me why. Maybe cause I am not a big fan of change, maybe because I just love that particular taste or maybe just out of commodity. I have recently been approached by THE COFFEE MATE company to review some of their products and I thought: “Why not?! Maybe it’s time for me to try a different flavour” I said yes to the collaboration and I received a set of three of their ground coffee specials. Don’t worry, if you are not a fan of the ground coffee, they do pods, beans, capsules and pads as well so you got a massive range of choices there. Not to mention the extras – frappe mixes for the summer days, syrups for the flavour fans and all the coffee related ingredients.

Well, do I need to mention that I actually took one of the bags with me on holiday?

I enjoyed every bit of it and what better proof than my morning coffee mug by the terrace in the morning, while admiring the beautiful sea and planning my new adventure?

I am hooked and I hope you will check out their website and products, maybe grab yourself one of those fancy coffee machines they do. If you hurry you might also take advantage of the sales on now with discounts of 40% or maybe grab their coffee offers available on the website.

DISCLAIMER: I have been offered a set of three ground coffee packs from THE COFFEE MATE company in exchange for a fair and honest review. I am a coffee lover and this is my pure opinion on the products.

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