“To the rebel girls of the world:

You are the promise

You are the force

Don’t step back,

And everyone

Will move forward”

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to write, and one who loved gymnastics, one who loved to sing and one who wanted to become the best doctor of all times.


Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of becoming an inventor and one who loved swimming, one who loved climbing and one who loved to talk, one who wanted to become a pirate and one who wanted to become a computer scientist. Each and every one of these girls changed the world in one way or the other. They influenced it and became an inspiration for other girls with dreams and hopes.


Bed time stories for rebel girls is a children’s book packed with 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women from the past to the present, from the queen Nefertiti to Angela Merkel and Beyoncé. Although they are so different to each other they all have something in common regardless of the times they lived in: they were/are all strong and ambitious, smart and brilliant.

Just recently my daughter turned two and she received this book as a present from one of our dear friends. I loved the title and I flicked through it immediately. I was in love myself. Such an inspiration. I remember that the first thing I told her when she was born was: “You will change the world my baby”

I still think she will and this book is a massive help in offering her the strength and confidence she needs growing up. All these women were awkward little girls, some maybe too shy and introvert to have friends, some marginalised by the cool kids in the school and called names only for daring to be different. But in the end they became the bedtime story for rebel girls, they influenced the future and helped so many other girls to dare and dream bigger, aim higher and fight harder.

I am so happy my daughter had the chance to be whoever she wants to be and I do have hopes and dreams for her. 

Thank you Hannah for bringing this into my daughter’s life. We are already reading 📖 it and although Ruby is only two, I am sure she will learn to read it herself and become one of these rebel girls who will change the world for the better.

As for the readers of this post I can only say: “get one for yourself and one to inspire a woman in your life”



I linked up with Laura Summers for this post to inspire more kids to love reading. Check out the other kids book reviews here




  1. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Thank you for this lovely post and review. I’ve nominated you for the 3 quote, 3 day challenge. Please see my latest blog post for more details. I look forward to reading your response!
    Peace and Love,
    Sidra x

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  2. ooh this is an interesting post. I would like to have a read of this with my daughter. She would love it. Thanks for linking up to KLTR in april.

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