Story goes like this. For more than eight months now my daughter does not need a dummy when she goes for a nap at Nursery or when she is upset. She doesn’t need any comforters of any sort as a matter of fact.

Now, when we are home the story completely changes. How? She does not go for a nap or night sleep without having two dummies. Yes. Two. One in her mouth and the other in her hand.

When she is ill, tired, grumpy … she’ll ask for it. And she’ll whinge, whinge and whinge.

I am trying to pretend I don’t hear her, I am trying to ignore it and distract her with different other things but most times I just fail miserably.

I am going crazy here. She turned two in April and I think it’s already time she just forgets all about it and move on.

What did you people do? How did you get your toddler to give up on the dummy?

8 thoughts on “Dummy hell

  1. My daughter will be three in December and she still asks for it. I tried going cold turkey, but she’s super stubborn and would not fall asleep. What I’ve been doing is letting her fall asleep with it and then take it away from her for the rest of the night. That way she only has it for a little while instead of hours on end. We used to have a ton of pacifiers, but they are slowly disappearing. I’m hoping she will give them up in the next couple of months. The struggle is real.

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  2. Io nu i-am dat niciodata sezeta. Am fost fericita! Dar a înlocuit-o cu orice găsea: chei, mânere, jucării, tuburi de super glue…cand si-a lipit dintii de limba…. Eh, asa-s copiii :))))

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