One of my best friends is about to have a baby as I write these words. It’s a girl and I am so happy for her. Wish I was there, right next to her, in the delivery room if possible. Distract her from the pain , crack jokes and see the miracle of birth, be there and hold the little baby and cry along with her.
Instead I developed a new cold. It’s literally never ending.

My child picks up all freakin’ germs in that nursery and she comes home with them. Obviously she likes to share everything with mommy so why not germs as well.

Nursery is a blessing and a curse in the same time. I am so happy I got Ruby into nursery. She learns so many things and develops her social skills, gets more confident and understands things differently. There are so many games, rhymes and things to help a baby develop and most definitely I wouldn’t pull it off as well as professionals in a nursery.
I am happy I could leave her there so I can go work, find myself again and rediscover good old me. It’s a win win situation and I am sure I couldn’t have found a better nursery than the one she goes to.
But now, nothing is perfect. At least this is what I’ve learned so far in life (apart from my baby cause she’s mine and that’s why she’s perfect).


There is this thing called immune system and babies need to build it up. This implies lots of colds and flues and God knows what other illnesses like chicken pox, ear infections and all sorts

Now, I don’t mind my little one having a cold but when she is on and off for months now I kind of start to go crazy.
Ruby goes nursery every Tuesday and Wednesday. So things in our house go like this: she comes from nursery with a bug or flu. She is not well so she sleeps in my arms. No matter how dettol and antibacterial freak I am, I will definitely catch what she has. So from Wednesdays to Sunday we are sick. And we take medicine and I am making huge efforts to find energy to take care of her while I feel like dying most of the times. Not to mention sleep deprived as being ill she will sleep in my arms and my rocking chair is not incredibly comfortable so I can get a goodnight sleep. From Sunday to Tuesday I get my energy back, the flu is gone and we are happy as bunnies all day long. I can sleep in my own bed and she in hers. I don’t have to chase her around the house to clean that annoying snotty nose that I find disgusting or clean her sticky eyes that I find ever worse.
Two days a week our house is germ free. We find our appetite again and food tastes the way it should taste and not like cardboard. I am not coughing and my make up stays on my face perfectly. Any other day I look like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer as no foundation or powder can resist the abuse of tissues.

Two days a week I am trying to get everything back in place and the house is clean, laundry is done and I can enjoy life as I know it

Unfortunately there are the other five days when the world seems to collapse, when my baby is clingy and I want to jump off the window most of the times. I look around the house and I can’t get myself to hoover or dust around. All these because my baby goes to nursery.
I wonder how many types of colds and bugs are there. How many I had so far and how many I am about to have in the near future. Some are immune to beechams and lemsip and some can be killed with a simple dose of paracetamol. Just a week ago I survived what seemed to be the worst of them all, the one that needed antibiotics and lots of sweat, the one that made me look like a zombie and feel like sleeping in an upright position is pure heaven.

I hate you nursery. I hate you so much because of this

Every morning I drop Ruby off I pray she won’t catch anything. Somehow this week I didn’t. On Tuesday I seen two toddlers that made me run. Their noses were so snotty that everything was hanging from the nose down to their clothes.

It was such an image. They looked like homeless sad kids with no one to take care of them. It was sad but in the same time so annoying. Clearly they had a cold so their parents should have kept them home. But no. Why wouldn’t they get all other babies sick? I wonder if they actually care about it or they are just happy to drop off their precious ones and pass on the germs to anyone willing to take them. Anyone like Ruby.
I hate you nursery. I am paying you so much money and you reward me with so many bugs and germs. It’s not fair. I make efforts to make the money you ask for and if you get me sick my efforts get bigger. You don’t care about it though.
If you would, I am sure I wouldn’t have a sick baby five days a week.
But than again I can’t be mad at you.
You do teach her lots of stuff, starting with having bread sticks and so far ending with starting to crawl and stand up on her own. Fir this reason I will not get that mad at you. But I am sure that if I was a stay at home mom and you would have gotten my child ill for all this time I would have kicked such a fuss by now. And this because I imagine that if I was a stay at home mom, I would have some me time while my child would be safely in your hands. So if I have to keep her home and miss that time we would have a problem.
I am pissed off though as my job needs me healthy and not with a red nose and sore throat.

I am pissed off with you but I forgive you. With one condition: say it will be over soon

Say I can have a ill free week soon. Say I can have a week full of energy and happiness without having to worry about temperature and baby cough and snotty nose or sticky eyes. Please say it will happen soon.
Lie to me if necessary. Give me hope and say it will be over soon.

PS: still waiting for news from my friend. I am so excited and can’t wait to see that tiny bundle of joy.

4 thoughts on “DAMN YOU NURSERY

  1. Am with you on this one! Our little boy has been in nursery since January when I went back to work and we are all full of colds/coughs all the time! Least it’s helping build his immune system up I guess!

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