Because we are getting close to Valentine’s day my work place decided on spreading the love by writing nice things about each other on love hearts.

I am not keen on this day but I have to say that this was quite a nice way to start the day rather than talk boring shopping center things.

During the briefing we also had to play a game. Guess who sort of thing so we get to know one another better and it was rather fun.

However, there is always an idiot who can’t keep their mouth shut so the conversation went like this:

Manager: “Who’s dream job is becoming a visual merchandiser for L.V.? …. X, Y or Z person?”

Idiot (trying to guess): “It can’t be Y. She’s a mummy”

Me: “Oh, can’t she dream if she’s a mum?”

Idiot: “She’s going maternity soon so she can’t think dream job”

Me: “Sorry, I had no idea your dreams get crushed when you become a mum”

This was the moment when I literally lost it and thought of not only me but all mums out there.

It was such a stupid and cruel comment and worst of all is that it was made by a woman.

In this day and age when we are fighting to show just how much pressure mothers are under it was an absolute shock to realize that even some women are against women.

We are under pressure to glow and look perfect (social media perfect) during our pregnancy and after; we are expected to raise children, take care of the house, have a career and get back in shape if not even looking fitter than before having kids; having it all sorted without losing our minds and still under these circumstances we are not allowed to dream cause God forbid we do something just for us and us only.

Motherhood is no joke. The stress caused by parenting is real and contributes to anxiety and depression. The struggle is more than often overwhelming.

Fighting to stay on top of everything and keeping it together is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. There is no perfection and there will never be. You are doing an amazing job just as you are so stop torturing yourself and eliminate all stress in your life.

Worry for the things you have to and leave the rest outside your house.

Be free to dream your dreams. Don’t get lost in motherhood and don’t listen to idiots (men or women). Dreams are for all of us.

If dreams are not free than what is ?

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