I am well known to go around just about everywhere with my daughter. Be it the playground, the supermarket, coffee shops or date with friends. The thing is I have my friends who are people I known since way before having Ruby and although they don’t have children they are happy to entertain mine for an hour or so while we chat.

I am quite a loner otherwise and not very interested in small talk. I don’t do playdates with mums I just met only to lie to myself thinking that Ruby has friends. When I take her to the park or anywhere there is a play area I am hand on. She is my priority and I got my eyes on her like a hawk. I am just careful not panicky. I don’t want to make conversation with someone while my child decides to run around somewhere, I don’t want to turn my back on her and God knows what can happen. I am more into the preventing stage right now so nothing can catch my attention apart from my daughter.

So, see, you playground mums,I don’t have anything against you and no, I am not too posh for you. I am just a mother who is concerned about her child. I will not engage in conversations such as: “Awwww….what a cute top! Where did you get it from?” “How old is she?” – yes I know, she is tall for her age; ” Wow, look at them. They are already best friends” – no, they are not. They don’t even have the notion of playing together up until the age of about three.

I am not a stuck up mom or too posh. I just rather be alone sometimes. Alone with my whirlwind of a mind, alone with the sun and my child. I love it and I don’t want to change it.

My daughter is free to choose her own friends when she reaches that stage. I don’t have to push other kids towards her just to think that one day they might be getting along so well.

I am sorry if I seem rude or whatever. I am just in that stage of me, myself and my child.

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