It’s no secret that pregnancy f…ed up my feet. I mean walk around a shopping centre all day long (13km every day) or stand up for eight hours on full time employment is a lot. I am not the type to complain so I took a break only when I felt that is imperative and not as the doctor recommended. But in my mind it all went down to I am pregnant and I am keeping active not I am pregnant and need to sit on my ass.
To be honest it did good to my pregnant body keeping fit and positive but long term I can only tell you I am left with terrible back pain, a plus size on my shoes and obviously they got wider as well cause why not.
Swear down i never wore trainers until I was about 27 years old and that because I went on a trip in the mountains in summer time and lots of picnics around the time. Flat shoes were rare friends and high heels were filling up my closet as quick as you fill up your underwear drawer (you never have enough).

Thing is, when I got pregnant I had to give up on heels. Full time job, eight hours standing up or walking around plus sciatica made me a lame flat shoes tired woman.
One of my friends was always joking with me as I found some memory foam black shoes that were so comfy for work and he was mentioning them with “oh, you got your ugly pregnancy shoes again hun”. My feet were so swollen and I only realised how bad the situation was when I came back from the hospital after I gave birth. God, the shock. I still remember crying my heart out thinking I never seen ugly feet like that in my entire life.
Now, look at this. My Ruby is now one and a half (finally not using the months anymore) and I kept thinking about trying on my heels but I kept finding a reason not to being scared they won’t fit me anymore or I won’t be able to walk in them.
Last week I went into Office shoe shop. God knows why cause I can tell you I didn’t go out the house with the intention of buying shoes. I only needed to get a new straw cup in Disney for little munchkin. Got the cup, went to the play area and on my way out I just thought let’s do some window shopping for myself. This is how I actually went inside Office. I noticed some knee length boots I loved. They had them on brown and black as well and with a heel as well. Not a very big one. Decent. Mum type.

Took a profile picture of myself to see how the boots are looking. I was so determined to get them


I stared at them, check d the price (WOW – promotion on leather boots for £35). The black ones were exactly on my size but I left the store. Only a minute later I said: “What the hell. I am actually in need of some boots for the season and the price is knock out”.
I tried on the right boot walking around in store while pushing the stroller to see how it feels. A nice sales person have me the left one as well. They felt so so good.
Now, only one problem. I am tall. My stroller has no adjusting handle so imagine I looked a bit like a bird. Went in front of the mirror and than two times around the store. Who cared how I would push the stroller. Took a profile picture of myself to see how the boots are looking. I was so determined to get them. And so I did. Not a single regret.
Yes, I walk slower than usual, my feet are killing me sometimes but put on my red lipstick and there I am. Feeling like that mummy who has it all under control. The supermum. We all know I go crazy, I lose control sometimes, I panic and I bitch and moan but that’s between you and me.
Makes me feel so so strong and confident being able to wear certain clothes and shoes, putting on lipstick and going out.
You know how they say: “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world!”

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