I got into a routine that is killing me so I decided to look for mummy and baby activities around where I live. I am still a bit scared to travel in the train with my little one. Pushchair is too heavy and sometimes people are not so willing to help. Rather stick to what I can on my own. So that will be walking or bus. To be honest walking is really good. Helped me lose some of the weight I gained while pregnant and Ruby loves being outdoors so this is win win situation for us.

Getting sick of doing the same thing every single day I said it’s time. Get out there. Look for other mums. As Ruby is only with me most of the time I was afraid of her getting a bit antisocial. Imagine how that would go when I have to go back to work. She is attached to me like a stamp on a letter so it will be difficult anyways. We have our own schedule and it is hard when something goes differently. We wake up and while I do the dishes Ruby plays in her little chair. I watch her constantly and we have a full on conversation till I finish my things. Sometimes I am lucky and I can have breakfast as well but this is rare. Normally she gets bored after a while so we go in the bedroom and we start having a bit of a read, watch the video from Little Mermaid (she is obsessed with the song “Under the sea” and its video). And there we go it’s getting to 12.30 and she needs her milk. After her feed we always go in the park. I have a bit of a catch up while she sleeps (emails, texts, phone calls).

Problem is I am getting near to crazy doing it day after day. I signed up for some website that sends me children’s activities every day. Few I found interesting so I decided to check the swimming classes (I keep calling them for weeks now and they are fully booked) and yoga. Both affordable and near the house. As I have no luck with taking my baby for a swim I decided to email the yoga instructor. Her class is presented as “Mummy and baby yoga” and lasts a bit over an hour. I am thinking it sounds good. Ruby won’t have time to get cranky and I always wanted to try it out.

I told everyone we are doing it. Some of my friends took it as a bit of a crazy thing to do.  Probably they thought I went crazy. They kept asking me what would a baby do in a yoga class? I don’t know! That’s why I want to try it. Plus it gives me the opportunity to interact with other mums, women with babies the same age as mine. Truth be told I have about three friends with babies (two are on the other side of London so we only talk on WatsApp and the other one is all the way in Austria) so it’s not like we can go for a coffee when the sun is out.

I got only one friend who always makes the time to come see my little one and we always go see her as we live close by. In rest it’s us two on a journey full of adventures.

I emailed Rebecca (the yoga instructor) and expressed my interest in her class. She replied to me very quickly and told me about the same thing I heard from the gym where I was supposed to go swimming with my baby: she is fully booked. She said she will definitely keep me in mind and let me know when a spot gets available. I told her I am grateful for it and I will be waiting for an email.


One week later I got lucky as she decided to have a teaser. Basically three mums with their babies can try out a yoga session. If we like it we can sign up for September classes when they become available. Of course I said yes in a blink of an eye. I wrote her back and said we are coming. I got excited about it and started thinking how would it be like.

Time passed and so the day arrived. I fed Ruby earlier than usual so she threw up all over her outfit. I changed her and cursed the hour. Finally we left. Took the bus towards Ealing and yoga here we come. I don’t have to mention the fact that I got there so early. I had about 40 minutes to kill so I went down to Nero and got a nice coffee. Lucky the weather was nice so I walked around until 10 am.  Finally I am here. I knock on the door and such a friendly face opened. It feels like I know her for a lifetime so we start chatting. Few minutes later another mum shows up and we start. We take our seats on the yoga mats and I put Ruby on a pillow along with her favorite toys. Rebecca tells us to feel free to change or feed the baby while we exercise (if I only knew before force feeding my child so early in the morning). She explains that basically everything is about mums. As long as mummy is happy the baby is the same. So we start and I finally relax like I haven’t in a long time. I felt like a feather: so light and free. Don’t have to mention that my little one was all full of smiles. She played until she fell asleep and I forgot about all worries. That one hour of yoga was my heaven and I can’t wait to start it all over again in September.

If you have the chance don’t hesitate to do it. I deeply recommend it.





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