I guess there are not way too many ways to describe this journey but through pictures. They do say a million things.

I am a MOTHER. For quite some time I did see myself as just that but I am back. I found myself again and realized that I am a WOMAN before that and that in order to be a good mother I have to be a happy woman.

I indulge in wine and drink my body weight in coffee, I am a crazy bookworm and my daughter seems to become one already.

I hate playgroups and haven’t made mummy friends only for my daughter to have someone to play with but rather kept it low profile and preferred those amazing ladies I could actually connect with on more than motherhood level.

I live with anxiety and sometimes it kicks my butt. I am trying to manage it as best as I can and not become a pill popper.

I write so I can keep my sanity and I read so I can escape those moments when my thoughts take control and spiral, when my head explodes and I worry for no reason, building up scenarios that are most probably impossible.

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