As my daughter gets closer and closer to the crazy three’s I find some things hilarious and some absolutely scary.

Last night she kept crying in her sleep dreaming who knows what. I cuddled her and curled up on the sofa with her until she fell asleep deeply again.

Around 3am the story changed. I could hear her talking and went to see what’s going on.

SCARY MOMENT HERE: she got out of bed (she doesn’t even do it in the morning) and found her in front of the living room door trying to open it. She kept saying my friend and her baby are there and she wants to play.

Do I have to mention there was nobody in the house?

I had to show her it’s just me and her and she started a proper tantrum over where my friend and baby are. Took me two hours to calm her down and get her back to bed. First thing she done when she woke up was to ask about them again and sit by the window the entire day waiting.


11 thoughts on “3AM TODDLER MOMENT

  1. My three year old does these kinds of things!!!! One early early morning, I woke up and go the urge to check on her and found she wan’t in her room. I found her sitting straight up on the couch but she was asleep. She talks and screams in her sleep almost every night and she’ll have full on conversations with herself asleep as well. Threes are scary and I can’t wait for them to be over.

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  2. This is proper scary. I haven’t had a proper sleep in two weeks at least cause she screams or talks in her sleep and I wake up in panic thinking all crazy things.
    Thank you for the heads up. I close the living door as it’s right next to her bedroom but I guess she’ll open it as well one night.

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  3. Luckily, our front door is super hard to open. Maybe get a latch lock at the top? At least until she’s done with this phase. I fell you on the no proper sleep thing. I don’t think I’ve slept decent in like 5 months.

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  4. It totally is. My kid is also going through a phase where she will NOT stay in her own bed through out the night. She tries to sleep in mine at least 5 times a night. As much as I love when she wants to be with me, I don’t really like her foot being in my back or her yelling in her sleep right in my ear, scaring the crap outta me. lol


  5. I’m so glad I’m not alone in the three year old struggles stage. Terrible this ain’t nothing compared to threes.

    So yesterday, I got this tent thing that goes over her bed in hopes that she’ll want to stay in her bed and last night I tried it out and so far so good. She only got up once to go to the bathroom. 🀞

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