This morning out of all I could afford to be lazy and sleep late. Ruby went bed at midnight so I knew she’ll sleep until after nine o’clock.
I randomly woke up as I heard my phone vibrating. It was a watsapp message from my friend. It only said: “It’s snowing ❄️⛄️”
Not being used to snow in England and knowing how she gets overexcited with two snowflakes I just ignored the message. I listened to check if Ruby is babbling away but all I could hear was a cute snore coming from her room.
I lay down in bed and checked my snapchat.

That is proper snow. I jumped off my bed like  a kid on Christmas Day. I haven’t seen so much snow in so many years. My God I missed it.
My first thought: “I can’t wait to take Ruby out”
Her first snow. So amazing. Plus, living in U.K. you never know when you will live this again. Better take advantage. Right here, right now.
I made coffee and drank it quickly staring out the window with a crazy grin on my face. I swear it feel like a fairytale. So beautiful, so peaceful.
I gave ruby her milk quickly and got her dressed. Let’s go my monkey. I didn’t even take the pushchair. No point. She’ll walk in the snow and smile and have fun. Just like I used to when I was little.
I missed it so so much. I didn’t even realise how much. I got tears down my eyes. Tears of joy. I can’t have enough of this. I really feel like Christmas now. My old Christmas when I was running around in the snow, cold and happy, doing my Christmas shoppings and stopping for a hot chocolate or mulled wine on my way home. Sitting in a nice Christmassy place, reading a book, listening to Christmas songs, getting warm and sleepy, dreaming of Santa.

mulled wine

These are the times I remember and I surely hope Ruby will get to love snow and make amazing memories for this time of year.
I remember my dad coming home with a massive Christmas tree, smelling all fresh, cutting the bottom so it can fit into our steel support. He would then let me decorate it the way I like while my mum would cook and bake like there is no tomorrow
Of course I live in U.K. now and snow is still that phenomenon that takes everyone by surprise, specially authorities in London. It’s that thing that stopes all trains and cancels flights and makes people angry and frustrated.
They don’t even have winter tires here so what else is there to say :))
Regardless of how it makes others feel I love it and it feels my heart with joy. Today I was so so happy to see my little one playing happily outside and not getting scared of the white beauty.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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