You know those days when you wake up ad feel crap or you are just so hungover you make efforts to remember your own name? We’ve all been there. You just try to get out of bed thinking a coffee will get you back on your feet. Nothing happens and you decide you can call work and get yourself a sick day.


Have some medicine, a tea, wear your old ripped sweat pants and stay under the covers to sweat it all out. Sleep and wake up and sleep some more. Twenty four hours of allowing yourself to get better. I never thought I would crave those days. I actually hated them with all my heart. I hated being sick and I hated not going to work. I felt like I am missing something important or my office will collapse without me.

Now? Let’s see. Saturday I woke up with very bad red eyes, itchy and painful. I couldn’t wait until Monday to see my GP. It was just so so bad. I have never ever been in this situation before so I had no idea what to do anyways. I decided to go A&E. Needless to say I waited about four hours until I got seen by a nurse who told me that most probably I have an allergy but he cannot give me a proper diagnostic so I need to go back to the waiting room and stay there until I get called by a doctor. I was already annoyed, I felt like I am coming down with a cold and I was so tired I was about to fall asleep on one of those very uncomfortable chairs. Lucky an annoying lady kept me talking trying hard to give me a diagnostic. She was right though. I guess she was a regular as she knew exactly what my problem was plus, she gave me an estimate time to wait and a treatment for my eyes as well. And no, she was not a doctor. Just a lady who sprained her ankle while going up the stairs to pick up her cat.


By the time I finally got to see the doctor it was about 1 pm (I was there since 9;30 am). I got my medicine and left home. I felt so cold and had no energy whatsoever. It was sunny outside but my body was shivering. Definitely I was coming down with something and it was the last thing I wished for. Ruby was in a no sleep mode again (unless in my arms so she can breath). I had a tea and some ibuprofen thinking it will help but by the time evening come I could barely breath and my throat was so sore it felt like a thousand razor blades were passing through every time I had to swallow. Β I have to say that never ever in my life I felt so ill. Want to top this up?

I could not miss work under any circumstance as of absence policy. So there I was suffering from an eye allergy having to apply antibiotic cream every six hours, trying not to cry as they were painful as they were; had a blocked nose but somehow felt like the back of it was full of snot so I couldn’t breath and my throat was as painful as it can get. On top of it all I spent my night holding Ruby so she can sleep. It was an absolute nightmare and when my alarm went off at 6 am the world went upside down. I manage to finish my day and half of the next one but by the end of it I was dead. I needed my sick day and I needed badly.

When I could finally get to my GP I was in such a bad state I didn’t care about anything. I had to wait two hours to be seen and had little one wit me as well. My diagnostic? Tonsillitis and Sinusitis.

Went straight on antibiotics praying I could get some sleep.

Two days into my treatment I feel much much better but to be honest I crave for one sick day. I want my sick day. I deserve it. I deserve to lie down in bed and have chicken soup, sleep, have tea and sleep again until night comes and I have to go sleep. Move from the sofa to the bed without thinking what the baby needs, if the baby is sleepy, hungry, angry or happy. I do not want to think of anything else but me being sick and getting better.


Going through this I realised that mommy has no day off. She works, cleans, takes care of the baby no matter how well she is.

High temperature, illness or not you are a mommy and this has to give you superpowers to cope with it all like it’s just another day in Paradise and you enjoy every second of it

Even though your patience level is below zero you have to play it as if for the Oscars and keep that smile on, clench your teeth and count to ten. The day is almost over and the night is coming. Arrange the rocking chair just in case you need to move in the living room with the munchkin but hope to sleep in your bed for an entire night. I think this is one of my luxuries, sleeping through the night in my bed. Maybe tonight. I hope it’s tonight cause I don’t see a sick day coming my way.


  1. I remember the days of intense guilt when calling in sick, regardless of how legitimate the diagnosis was. I’m in the fortunate position now of having an hefty accumulation of sick time as I approach retirement, so nobody at work better piss me off (just kidding). Boy, you had a rough patch, I can’t imagine all that, and still having 24/7 daughter duties. Wonderful post, your words painted a vivid picture of the ordeal.

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