I have been added to some mommy groups by some of my mommy friends who thought this might help with advice from other moms. I mean sometimes getting a piece of advice and a good word is such a bliss, specially when you go to five doctors and they give you six opinions related to what you child might suffer from. Worse than googling symptoms I would say.

First I was added on these two private groups for educated mums. My ass educated. The things I found there made me throw up instantly, not to mention the mean comments on every little post. Weird is, they all came from the same users who pretend to be perfect mums. So I can’t help but wonder… when on earth do you have time to waste on Facebook groups commenting on every post out there if you have a baby to raise? You are nothing but a waste of space frustrating all normal moms out there looking for a normal conversation and an advice from someone who had been through similar things. These two were groups from my country and they made my blood boil only when trying to read the posts allegedly written by educated mums, barely knowing how to spell but using so many diminutives that made me sick to my stomach.  Can you just use your words woman? Leave the silly ones to your child. You are an f…..g grown up person. Why do you want to sound so damn stupid when you are supposed to be an educated person. I wonder where did you study.


But doesn’t matter. I opted out of this one and stayed on Baby Led Weaning one (although I could never ever be able to leave my baby get so messy as I suffer from OCD) but I was trying to figure out what is best for my little one when it comes to solid food. Today I decided to leave this group as well. I commented on one post from a mom who was asking if it’s a bit much to give her child (under one) cows milk and fat dairy products. I only said they are too fat and hard to digest and I ended up on a massive raw with some moms accusing me of spreading false information as they know better. I knew these things from my Health Visitor and GP so I claimed some information from them stating where I have mine from. They asked me for newspaper/magazine related articles regarding this subject. My God! They easily believe an article over a doctor just because it is written. Joke! Absolute joke.

These two mommy groups suck 

Right. Now, let’s get to the third one. A private mommy group with members all over the world. This one I found acceptable at the beginning as women seemed more opened to advice and not so stuck up as the previous. Plus I could find there all sorts of subjects, baby related and I actually gave some good advice myself to some moms as my little munchkin went through the same things as her little one, only earlier. This group was full of questions and pregnant ladies looking for encouragements. Some gave birth and we got to see their bundle of joy with a nice thank you post towards the members who helped and supported the mum during the hard times. So needles to say I loved it.

I got to send lots and lots of links for the #MamaMail project as women found it so interesting and helpful, so this gave the group a plus point again. I am not the person to waste much time on social media but checking my accounts regularly. This way, whenever I found a useful post I would comment or if there was something I was interested in I would read all comments and get a vague idea about what I wanted to find out.  I also sent some nice encouragements to moms in need.

But all these were to good to be true. I mean, I think the world is upside down somehow or I was just born at the wrong time. Lately the private mommy group turned into a stupid full of venting group. Every mom has something to cry about when it comes to their partners, mothers in law and relatives from both sides. How is that mommy related? I tried to post there about cot bumpers. I loved them but my health visitor advised me to take them off as they are a threat to baby’s life. Obviously I wanted to find out different opinions so I asked a simple question: “Baby bumpers – love them or hate them? What is your opinion?”


Shocker: my post was rejected by the admin of the group but questions from mothers regarding anal sex (I am sure your partner won’t see you asked for advice from facebook and he won’t feel like an idiot at all), husbands in prison, benefits, mothers in law hitting the babies (outrageous – if someone does this to my child – relative or not – I turn into mumzilla and beat the crap out of them instead of asking for advice from other women about what to do), what paint shall they use for the new living room and what pots and pans to buy and where from where accepted and got hundreds of comments as well, being promoted to primary posts.

WTF?!!!! Mommy group sucks big time

I mean really, are you that stupid to ask moms to give you advice on anal sex on a baby related group? And the other moms just as bad, jumping and  describing their bed adventures, talking about how to squeeze your but cheecks and what position should you use.


Thanks for the help moms! You really have nothing more important to do? Look for advice privately damn it! Anyone can read your dirty laundry in here. The group has only 50 thousand members and I am sure the world is such a small place that you know personally some of them. Plus, your actions on Facebook are absolutely free to read by any of your friends. Maybe I am over reacting but I think this is just another mommy group who went off the rail a bit.

For the lady who asked about anal sex – I hope you got what you wanted. Cheers to you!

For the other ones… get a life. Post about your babies and not your dirty laundry. Those are as private as possible.

PS: Sorry I couldn’t find the anal sex post 😦

10 thoughts on “MOMMY GROUPS SUCK

  1. I never knew this was happening in the world, Mommy groups😂
    Looks like every relation and type of friends(school, college, etc)has a group on FB.
    After reading this post I do realise how bugging this group thing is, no wonder I have never looked into mine.😋😂

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  2. I am so sure of it. Kept mine as I have friends from my country and we speak on messenger sometimes but to be honest I am
    Sure there will be lots of other communication methods. Less stressful ones 🙂

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