Just a few months ago I was trying all possible remedies for teething pain. My little one was keeping me up all night constantly winging. Her gums were swollen and I reached a point when I was a bit lost. I didn’t wanted to pump her up with medicine every six hours to calm her pain and start all over again with the crying couple of hours later. I tried all teething gel and powders, toys that I stuck in the fridge and toys that she chewed on but nothing quite worked as I wished.
We all know a teething baby is a complete nightmare. I was just back to work as well at the time and I swear I had no idea what I am doing anymore. I had no strength, no energy or will to go on.
I cried and cried on twitter and all social media hoping someone will give me a solution. Something that will work. I got so much advice but I tried them all and there was no success. One day I received a message from Brush Baby Dental. They told me I should try the dental wipes and their chewable toothbrush with baby toothpaste.


I did. I had nothing to lose. To be fair now I did not start this process very confident. I was at the stage when I thought this is teething, nothing helps and I better get on with it and try somehow to find some strength in me. I was telling myself it will all pass at some point and I was dreaming of that day.
I followed the instructions I got in the leaflets. I put the toothpaste in the fridge and every morning I would smear a bit on the chewable toothbrush and give it to my baby. I swear it was bliss.


She was chewing and chewing like there’s no tomorrow and the crying stopped. She reached the stage when I had to have the brush with me while out as she preferred it to her dummy. I mean wow.


My cry baby who was constantly in pain was now happy, babbling away and smiling. We were using the dental wipes as well every morning and before bed and slowly it became our ritual. I wrote a post back then about how Brush Baby dental saved my life and I am sticking to their products. I swear by them every day of my life.
Now that Ruby has more teeth we are using the Sonic toothbrush and backing it all up with the chewable toothbrush as well. She loves it. I have to bribe her every morning to take the toothbrush away from her and this makes me so happy. I am one proud mummy of a clean teeth happy toddler.

We are even making efforts on learning the song Brush Baby Dental came up with (more me than her as she still babbles). It’s short and easy and makes brushing a fun activity for every fussy baby or toddler. I am the worst singer in the world but it’s all worth it I tell you.


They were designed by a mum who’s sister is a dentist so they combine the baby’s crazy need to chew (we all know how that goes) with the importance of having clean gums and teeth from the beginning. The wipes are ideal to use from baby’s first days of life and they contain xylitol and camomile which are well known to calm itchy and painful gums.
Our health visitor heard about the Brush Baby Dental products and she started recommending them to other mums with teething babies and toddlers and I am sending them to my friends little boy in Austria.
If you are not convinced you can always visit their website and get all info for each and every product.

I am just a mum who was saved from sleepless nights and a crying baby. There are lots more like me and you can be one of us as well. We all know you need to catch up on sleep so much that you would close your eyes and wake up in a week or two. Visit Brush Baby dental website or your local Boots pharmacy and choose the suitable range for your little one.


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