Check my bag and you always find a book. It is a part of who I am, a bookworm, a library mouse sniffing page after page.
I learned how to read before I went to school and soon I was introduced to my eternal best friend: the library.
My dad was the one who chose my first books. And they were not the girly type. I remember him telling me that reading a book can take you different places, you can be any character you want anywhere in the world. When I was old enough to read a proper book he showed me his collection and told me that all our lives we learn and the best way to do it is through books.
My first reads? The three musketeers; Robin Hood, Winnetou, The black tulip and most of Alexandre Dumas. I started reading Gone with the wind late after all these hero books. I think this is probably the main reason it took me so long to find my perfect man. I wanted the one from the books, the one who fights for a good cause, the one who knows how to treat a woman and has more brain muscle than biceps. But never mind that.
My favorite character of all times is Scarlett O’Hara. I always wanted to be her. Such a strong, independent woman who knows how to love beyond reason.
I went from book to book and never wanted to stop. My holidays were spent indoors with a book in my hand and my parents trying to convince me I should go outside and play.
And than I was about 14 and I discovered coffee. Best thing after books. The only time I stopped having coffee since was when I got pregnant. And I didn’t stop completely. I still had an occasional one as a treat.
Imagine my pleasure when I could have coffee and books. My God. Such a happy day that was. And probably how I became an introvert.
I never liked people that much anyway. I had only few friends throughout the years and most of them disappointed me terribly. So why wouldn’t I prefer going out in the sun, getting a coffee and losing myself in a world full of adventures. I get such energy when the black liquid goes through my veins, entering my system and making me jump. And than the book, every page of it taking me somewhere distant, making me live life after life with every story I read. It is such a wonderful magic feeling I get every time I discover a new story. And they never disappoint me.
I have no bookshelves as my flat is too small but I know I will one day. I keep my books in a safe place and take care of them. They will have their own little place one day. They will shine and wink at everyone who will step into my house and they will charm my baby the same way they did with me.
Yesterday I went shopping and I was trying to find Sophie la giraffe for Ruby. Is good to chew as I think she is teething already. I couldn’t see it anywhere so I decided to go Waterstones and get her at least one of the books. Surprise surprise! Sophie was there along with other rattle toy and another teething little toy. All in a small bag next to all the books about the wonderful giraffe kids love so much. I got it off the shelve along with only one book. Β£25 went flying off my bank card in a second. I smiled and told the girl at the till this makes as much as five or six books for adults. And it is so true.
I swapped my books for hers now. We have Sophie, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and so on. And they all have their toys to go with the book.
When I got home I couldn’t wait to start reading for her. Imagine how happy I was when I realized she loves that soft chewy toy and the book as well. I read it about five times in a row and every time my little Ruby was trying to have a full on conversation with the little animals who went out for a picnic.
I think she’ll be a reader and mummy is proud.
After so many years of buying books and coffee for myself, being selfish and sometimes spending my money on paper stories rather than food it is time to swap. I can’t be selfish anymore. Now it is all about her. I am swapping my passion for her smiles. Instead of books and coffee we have books and toys now. The house is full of them and I love it.
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