I always adored buying things for babies and everytime one of my friends gave birth to a little munchkin, be sure I was there for a cute cuddle and to bring presents.

Before I had Ruby I never thought of this much. I was buying mainly clothes and soft toys and I never ever thought of buying anything for the new mum apart from flowers.

Now, since I become a mum myself I see things in a different light. I see the need of pampering the mother just as much as the baby. They deserve it to the moon and back. I remember most people got my daughter clothes and just about most of them were obviously in a 0-3 months size. Needless to say I bought so many in the same size that she never got to wear majority of them although they were so cute and dear to me. Also, people don’t quite think of the season either. Ruby was born in April and we got short sleeve, summer clothes for 6-9 months. She did not get to wear them as it was too cold outside. Nobody actually does the math here because let’s face it, we all just get stuff we like not thinking of the actual utility of the item. Because this and million other reasons I decided to put some effort into this and made up my TOP FIVE NEWBORN PRESENTS

Number 1 –Β  clothes

It’s the least a mum needs for a newborn. Chances are she already has plenty of newborn and 0-3 months baby grows, vests and all needed. However if you actually have no better idea about it just make sure you always do the math and check what season will be when the baby is 3-6; 6-9 or ever 9-12 months old.


I received many clothes but I was particularly grateful for the ones in bigger size. From all presents I can say Ruby had some tops, pjs, dresses or babygrows to wear from up to when she turned one. I has so happy looking at them and waiting for her to grow into those adorable little clothes.

So, make sure you buy bigger clothes and be inspired to add something for the mum. ALWAYS (get her a Starbucks gift card, a Β£20 voucher for some department store or some of those amazing Lush bath bombs). Trust me: YOU CAN’T GO WRONG NOW

NUMBER 2 – blankets and soft toys

These two item offer a smile on both mummy and baby’s faces. First of all you can never ever have enough blankets for a little one and second you never know from the multitude of soft toys the little one will get, maybe yours will be the lucky one and it will become their favourite plush to comfort them.


Ruby got so many of those beautiful soft toys with blanket attached to them but she never got so close to any. Only when she turned one she chose her comforter: the very first toy she received. I got it from a work colleague when I announced my pregnancy. A light blue/greyish dog that she calls Booboo and never goes outside the house without.

NUMBER 3 – playmats and tummy time rollers

I love them so much and up to when they are actually needed by the baby, nobody quite thinks of buying them. So, get ahead of everyone and do that. They can be found in Mamas and Papas at a reasonable price and in different colours and designs as well.

We used our playmat for such a long time as it kept Ruby so entertained

NUMBER FOUR – baby hampers

They are fancy and most of them have the option to be personalised to this way you know your gift is unique and special.

They can be found on different websites and companies at different prices and shapes. They always contain a soft toy, a blanket or bibs, the adorable little socks packet in flower shapes and baby lotions, oils, shampoo or a set of baby grow, vest, mitts and hat.

One of the most popular sites for this is BabybloomsΒ offering a big range of baby hampers at different prices. You can always opt for Mamas and PapasΒ or The white company

NUMBER FIVEΒ – a baby bath tub

It was one of the most useful things I received.

However, if you decide on this, ALWAYS ask the parents if they have one and also what their preferences are because this a something that they will use every day with the baby so the quality has to be good and also the utility of it. Try and find the ones that can be used from day one to toddler stage. They are the best and they are easily found online.

bath tub

Now, this is my top five and I hope you agree with it. I would add the activity toys, books teething products (always toys not medicine) and if you want, the nappy baskets that are very popular lately.

Never buy in a hurry and always, ALWAYS get the gift receipt. If by any chance someone else decided on buying the same gift, at least the parent has the option of changing one of them in store with something the baby needs.

The most important thing is to no be shy and ask. Ask the parents what they need. I find it best. Your gift is welcomed, needed and cherished this way and also, you save them the hussle of a trip to the store to exchange your gifts.

When you go visit a newborn, make sure you have a little something for the mum. I know I said earlier but I will continue in saying it.

She deserves, she brought that bundle of joy into this world so appreciate her just as much as you appreciate the baby. If you are very close with the new family, you might also cook some food and bring it so she won’t have to think of dinner but only at her precious baby. Offer to help her and do her dishes, hoover or whatever you can notice she needs. It will be so so much appreciated.

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